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Sunday's Air


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Good afternoon all! And HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all you Moms out there. Hope you are having a glorious day.

I had the most amazing coincidence happen. My best friend in NJ had an impromtu offer by a friend of hers to accompany her to her condo in Hutchinson's Beach. It's thirty minutes or so from where my daughter lives and where we are staying in our motorcoach. They are only going to be here five days and it coincided with my stay! I met them today and we toured the Green House currently being featured on HDTV. We shopped briefly in a lovely little gift shop in Traditions Square and had lunch in a restaurant that serves the most sumptuous crepes. O.k., let me summarize: shopping for new clothes, pedicure, outing with female friends. Managing to keep my spirits up pretty well so far while I wait to start chemo.

Tomorrow is the day and I want it to come. I need to know how I'll respond to this new protocol.

Judy in Key West

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Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!

Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time Judy - I am so glad because you so deserve it!

I just got back from the garden center and now am going to spend the rest of my Mother's Day planting all my new treasures! All 3 kids called - the sun is shining - it is a great day!

(oh, by the way - i saw a new dermatologist at Yale - and the disgusting head sores are all cleared up - I am pretty darned bald - but the sores and pain are gone!)

Have a wonderful day -

peace - Janet

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Janet, So glad they cleared up those head sores. Been bald, could very well be so again--oh well! I keep thinking as bad as those head sores were, maybe better on your head than on your face.

Glad you're having a good day too.

Judy in Key West

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Kind of crappy here today. Rainy and windy but thats typical Nebraska May weather. Three of my sisters came back for my neice's graduation so we had a nice get together.Janet,I am glad your sores and pain are getting better and Judy I hope all the best for you tommorrow. Happy Mother's Day girls! :D

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Happy Mother's Day!!

I know I've been pretty quiet on the boards lately but wanted to chime in and wish all a great day.

Janet - I'm so glad to hear that you now have your head cleared up.

Judy - Sounds like you are livin it up. Good luck with the new protocol.


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Good evening everyone. I had a laid back Mother's Day and enjoyed watching my son play ball.

Judy, you will do just fine with Alitma. Drink plenty of fluids tomorrow.

Janet, am glad you are doing better with the crap on your scalp.

Hi Mike, Denise and brokenarrow. Thanks for dropping in.

Have a nice evening all.


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