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Good news in time for Christmas....God is good!


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I wasn't sure if my dad would be with my family this Christmas after being dx last Feb but there he is watching his football games and soap operas (I think my mom got him hooked when he started chemo) . All the statistics showed he should be on his way out esp. because he is inoperable....but forget those statistics. He was doing well...then his tumor grew...and he was so depressed. He developed terrible pain in his right shoulder a few months ago and we were almost all sure that the cancer had spread. But, by the grace and power of God....nothing has spread and the damn lung cancer is just sitting in its spot on his lung....(but at least its not growing right now). :) Just him knowing that it is not the cancer in his shoulder...the pain has lessened and his spirits are SOARING. The doctors still aren't positive what the pain and muscle damage shown on the MRI are...but it is NOT cancer and is probably a side effect of his prior radiation therapy. (Has anyone else experienced this months after radiation??) This disease has so many ups and downs....and I pray for all of us dealing with this. There is so much power in the mind...we all need to stay positive...it can really heal. I hope everyone has a amazing and beautiful holiday season... Keep hoping..keep praying...keep living :D

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Teresa -

Glad god is smiling on you and yours this holiday season!

I've had a pain in my shoulder/chest since this all started that has never really gone away........and my radiation ended in February. As long as the docs say it's okay, relax!

Hugs and prayers,


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I have pain in my entire right side. The doctor tells me that it is because of the radiation shrinking my lung--it's still attached in all the places a lung is attached, and as it shrinks, it pulls my right shoulder down, which has adjusted my posture and cause all those muscles to complain. The frustration for me is that I can't seem to get any doctor to offer any suggestions other than stronger pain medication. Heat helps; massage helps; Aleve helps. Vicodin helps--but none of those things are more than temporary. My radiation ended in May, and I have concluded that everything in my body that hurts is because of radiation.


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