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Joel's scan tomorrow.../ UPDATE RESULTS!


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Hello to all my friends here,

First of all... we had a wonderful time in Fla. and on the cruise. We visited many friends and relatives who now reside in Fla. On our way home we stopped in Savannah and had a great time in that beautiful city.

One thing though, our last stop on our cruise was Cosamel ( ummm like Mexico) :shock: When we got back from there it was all over the news about the swine flu :roll: Gee, thanks for telling us this when we docked there. :? Right after that they closed the port. It seemed liked every time we had a cough etc we would think are we getting this. Anyway, we and my brother and sister-in-law who went with us are fine. But how ironic...

One thing I have to say to put a smile on your face... Joel came down with poison ivy on his left knee. He really was careful weeding in the back yard as he was completely cover with clothes. But there was a little tear in his left jeans at the knee. Well that is where he got it and this was 2 days before we were leaving to Fla. He was using some over the counter stuff that seemed not to be working.

When we get to Fla. my brother calls his doctor and said that he was working in his back yard and this rash is appearing and he knows its poiso ivy as he had it before and could be send a perscription to his pharmacy. Well, they only wanted him to come in so that never worked out. The next day my brother had a small red rash on his hand. We really did not know what it was, but he went to a walk in clinic to see if he could make like it was poisin ivy and get this ointment for Joel. The doctor there said... hmmm it could be Poison Ivy but was not sure but he would give him something for it. My bro was thinking "great finally I can get Joel the ointment" but the doctor had a surprise for him... You ready..... really ready... okay... he gave him a needle in his as* !! He was so mad, when he told us we just burst out laughting. :lol:

The doc however told him to get this ointment over the counter, which Joel got and worked great.

Just had to bring some humor into this.

Also, I have to tell you this (darn sorry this is so long), when we arrived home in our family room was a 50" LCD TV with a surround sound Blu Ray DVD system set up and ready. It was a surprise from our two kids, who did this while we were away. This was for our 40th anniversary coming up in June. Also since I was away for my B-day, the gave me tickets to the Eric Clapton/Steve Wynwood concert! (which is on my bucket list) I love those kids.... they are the best.

Now just to let you know Joel's CT is tomorrow. Do you believe this? It seems like yesterday that we got the good news about his last scan.

So here we are again everyone, and please keep those good vibes coming for continued NED...

Thanks much... love ya guys,

Our new avitar picture is from the cruise ship.

Maryanne :wink:

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Geez,, Maryanne, I'm outta breath just reading all about it! Glad you had such a wonderful time. Glad for your kids too. I think that TV is bigger than our entire family room!!!!

Good luck with the scans. No reason to believe the results will be anything less than a stellar report! Let us know ASAP.

And I do LOVE your new pic! Oh so proper which I, personally, know to NOT be the case :D:?:wink::roll: ! See you next month!


Kasey (Fred too)

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I am even doing a modified Cross over hair brushing for good luck sine I have everything elase crossed For Joels Scan!!!

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Hi Maryanne. First, that picture is fantastic! You both look so serene in addition to plain ol' good-looking! Second, the cruise sounds wonderful (even the stop in Mexico)! Third, those are indeed great kids you've got there! And, finally, lots of luck with Joel's scan!


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Maryanne, thanks for sharing that story about the Poison Ivy. That is just the funniest! So glad to hear your trip was so wonderful and that you eluded the piggy flue.

You and Joel will be in my thoughts tomorrow. Sending warm and healing thoughts his way for a continuation of NED.

Judy in Key West

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My eyes are bleeding from reading all of that.

Glad to hear you all enjoyed the cruise...They really are a lot of fun...I've done 4 I think, maybe do another someday.

Poison Ivy...I get that so bad, it's not even funny....your brother getting a shot in hi a**...priceless.

Joel's scans are gonna be just fine, so don't sweat it...Just get back on here when you get the results so that we have good news to drink to.

PS...when are you having a hockey night with all the new electronics.

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Hi everyone,

Looks like your good vibes paid off.

NED!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

It was actually a Pet Scan/CT

Third time is a charm!!!!

Eveyone have a GREAT weekend.... we will. :lol:

Maryanne :wink:

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CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS TO YOU AND JOEL!!!!!! This is the best news ever!!!!!

I am late jumping in here to say I am glad you had a wonderful time on your cruise. Your good news today is just icing on the cake.

Oh.......I wonder.......would your kids like to be mine for just a short while......I promise I will give them back!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


Hugs - Patti B.

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