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Getting to Know You - Wednesday, May 13


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I don't kick because I'm usually in open toe-shoes...but I've tried to bang on them...

I remember once at my son's rec. center I was trying to get a snack for Kennedy and it got stuck...so I tried to shake and it didn't budge...then I just hooked my hands to it and hung, and swung just trying to get it to move cursing under my breath (picture me hanging off the side of a vending maching like it was the side of a mountain)

Nothing worked, then when I turned around about a dozen people were standing there staring at me...thinking I was a huge dork I'm sure...



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Yes, I have kicked a machine and the machine was in much better shape than my toe after the encounter. I had been standing in line for almost two hours to vote in the last presidential election and it was really hot that day. When I finally was able to get through those doors, one of the first things I was was a soda machine. I asked the person behind me if she would let me back in line if I got a soda and she agreed. I only has one dollar bill in my pocket. The machine took the money but gave nothing in return. I was so frustrated that I kicked the machine and immediately, my toe started throbbing with pain. Everyone was looking and giggling. When I got back in line, some nice lady walked over and offered me a bottle of water, since she had brought extra. How sweet of her and how stupid of me!!!

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