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What about travel as a therapeutic tool???


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Hello everyone,

Best wishes and my thoughts/prayers to those impacted by cancer now or in the past. My mother passed away from lung cancer back in 2007, and I recently started a foundation in her memory.

Basically, I want to start a trip-granting nonprofit for cancer patients/survivors. We sponsor once in a lifetime trips for them and a family member. The idea for this trip came when my mom passed before she could redeem her miles and points for her dream trip to Australia. I went in her absence and even when diving with great white sharks!

I'm not much of one for self-promotion, I have entered this idea in a competition and need votes. I'm currently in 3rd place.

Here are the instructions to vote. It only takes a second, and their website does not sell your contact info.

1. Click on link below to MY new website for The Miles of Miracles Foundation then the link at bottom of that homepage to vote for the foundation:


2. This will take you to the Changemakers website, and my idea. You must first register. Just click join / log-in at top and fill in your info. You should get an email with a link to automatically log you in, or with your log-in info/password assigned.

3. Once logged in, just search "miles" in the search box (upper left), or find my profile under the "Competitions" tab at top of their page, then click "Globetrotting for Good/Conde Nast Challenge" then "Rate Entries". My idea is near the top of 2nd page of entries - "Miles of Miracles..."

4. *** Once you click on mine and are logged-in, you should get a thumbs-up voting button at top. (if it's a yellow box first, then either you're not logged or already voted). You should see the vote total change.

Thank you so much for your vote and support. My best wishes to all of you.


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