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Not from the Onc's mouth but...CONFIRMED!!!


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The written report states that there is marked improvement compared to the previous study. Abnormal metabolic activity corresponding to the large right hilar mass on the previous exam is NO LONGER PRESENT. Subcarinal lymph node and liver mets have also resolved.

There is mild increased activity in the right lower lobe with an SUV of approx 2.7. This is felt to most likely represent post radiation fibrosis. There is also a small right pleural effusion.

The OFFICIAL results appt is on Monday but me being me I asked for a copy before we left the hospital and it came in the mail today. As I said before, me and waiting don't mix.

I think when all is said and done. WE SHOULD BE DANCING, YEAH!!!! DANCING, YEAH!!


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The Onc concurs with the report and was almost in tears reporting the good news.

The Onc said that he would not have passed the board exams with the way he went about treating Tom. He said it was definitely out of the box but you just have to give people a chance no matter the stage because you never know who is going to be in the top 10% of responders.

All of Tom's bloodwork came back within perfect range as well. Now if we can just get rid of that darn cough.

The next appt will be on 7/16. They will not scan him again at that point but it's funny that it just happens to be on the 1 year anniversary from the last treatment.

The next CT will be in 4 months.

The 29th of May will mark 16 months from dx.


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Wow Denise, that is great news! Tell Tom to keep up the good work. You must have a good doc. It must be so nice for them to be able to give good news as all to often that is not the case. It is a tough job.

I hope your celebrations have continued. Continued best wishes


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