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can use an extra prayer or 2 !!! update on Wednesday nite !!


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Mitch as most know him as Pewjumper was attacked and beaten by a stranger near home today and he has to have his jaw wired shut. If Ya got a spare prayer for him would appreciate it!!! he is at University of Tennesee Medical center!

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since his weight loss surgery round one he has done awesome Been working out and eating less and losing more!! LAt number I remember was around 250 pounds I think???? Second skin surgery was not approved by insurance so he was fighting for that surgery to get rid of excess skin!!!

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I will definitely say prayers for Mich's recovery from the horrendous attack.

(Agreeing here with Ned about his description of the attacker. :x Life is challenge enough without "extras.")

May he recover soon, and also be successful in receiving the approval for the (excess skin surgery) which he needs.

Thank you for letting us know, Randy.


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Randy, thanks for letting us know. Please let Mitch know how many of his friends here have responded with wishes for his speedy recovery. Hope his gets the approval for his skin surgery. I hate insurance companies (not individual people who are unfortunate enough to work for them) almost as much as the lowlifes.

Judy in Key West

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Saying prayers for Mitch. Randy, please keep us updated on his condition. What a terrible thing to happen to someone who has been through so much.

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This is what I got from facebook on Wednesday nite from Mitchells Page!!!

Mitchell WHitt isn't going into detail. I got punched by a perfect stranger for no reason, who broke my jaw and sent the bone through my ear drum. Now my mouth is wired shut. And it sucks.
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Hey everybody,

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I'm home from the hospital and though my mouth is wired shut, there are some who'd say that's a good thing, LOL.

On Sunday night I went out to celebrate with some friends because I've lost 251 pounds in the last sixteen months. Clubbing hasn't usually been my thing, but lately I've had a little bit more confidence and have been going out a little. We went to Cotton Eyed Joe's Sunday and I had just finished talking to some friends, while I was waiting on my party to arrive. Some of them walked away and I stood by the bar waiting, just people watching.

Out of nowhere a guy I'd never seen or spoken to approached me way too quickly and before I could react, punched me in the jaw and ran. I started after him but after two steps, blood was squirting out of my ear and I stopped to get help and medical attention. He broke my jaw and sent the bone through my ear drum. The bouncers never found him, but apparently he hit 2 other people on his way out - he was just hitting random folks.

I spent 3 days at UT and had my mouth wired shut and it's not pleasant at all, and yeah I'm a bit angry and confused as to why it would happen, but things do happen for a reason and I'll be more cautious from here on out. Someone this crazy could've had a gun, so it could've definitely been worse.

I'll be ok. The wires have to stay in about four weeks but we're expecting a full recovery. As for Mom, she continues to do very well. November will make 3 years since her diagnosis and there has been no sign of recurrence, just a scary cough here and there that has always checked out to be allergies or a sinus infection. I'm very grateful for her health, and for mine too. Even with this past weekend, my life has been an incredible adventure in the last 16 months. I've gone from being a super morbidly obese man who couldn't walk without a cane to being a gym rat who works out 6 days a week, 2 hours a day with a phenomenal social life and just generally having a great time, so I'm certainly not about to start complaining now.

Thank you all for your love and support! I'll check back in, but all of you feel free to add me on facebook.

Oh and here's a before and after shot so far. :) I love doing this.



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