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can use an extra prayer or 2 !!! update on Wednesday nite !!


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Mitch, Glad you're going to be all right. What a scary and awful thing to happen. I'll keep sending prayers.

I hadn't seen a picture of you for a while. You look fabulous! Congratulations. What a wonderful accomplishment.


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thanks for Checkin in Mitch Glad You and Mom are all right. Wishing Ya a Very fast recovery! and even if your wired shut ya can still blog and type!!!!

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Hi Mitch,You look great buddy! Im also happy for your Mom's good results. I always remember your posts because your Mom and I were both dxed 2b. I used to hang out in the bars alot in my younger days. They are the only place I know where a fight can start because someone looked at someone wrong or who's quarter was up next on the pool table.

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So glad to hear from you! Recent events aside--it is wonderful to hear that you are doing well and that your mom is too! You look fabulous!!!!

Check in with us from time to time to let us know about your recovery. And Just because we miss you!!!!!


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Hi Mitch-

Damn, you look GOOD!!!!!!!! And so glad to hear mom is doing well.

I am happy that you are mendign but still am so pi@@ed off that you had that experience. What the heck is this world coming to!!!!!

Keep in touch and keep up the good work!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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(((Mitch))), I'm so sorry I missed this post before. Such a horrible thing to have happen to you. You have such a wonderful attitude, but we knew that. Congratulations on your weight loss and for your whole new lifestyle change. You are such an inspiration to me. You look WONDERFUL!!! Many prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery. Such wonderful news about your mom too... Keep in touch, you've been missed.



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Mitch - I am so sorry to hear what happened to you; however, like you said I'm glad the idiot didn't have a weapon! You look awesome and you put me to shame with your 2 hour work outs - I try to do 30 minutes on my bike and some days that is a challenge. I'll have to remember your committment and try to bring that to the table (so to speak! I believe the table is where the problem started-LOL)

I am so glad to hear that your mom is doing so well. I think of her as she and I were diagnosed pretty close to the same time period and it makes me so happy she is hearing those magic words "NED" time after time.

I hope your recovery goes smoothly and that this is just a blip in the road that is soon a distant memory.

Take care my friend,


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Thanks everybody. I got the rubber bands cut off yesterday because they were pulling my jaw too far to the right, so there's incredibly less pressure and pain now. Apparently both sides of my jaw are broken and I didn't know that until yesterday.

In one week, they will re-evaluate my jaw and if it is sitting right, they'll remove the metal. Otherwise, they will rebreak it and start over from scratch (really hoping that doesn't happen).

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Hi Mitch,

First of all, I am so sorry for all you went and are going through. Thank G-d it wasn't worse!

I don't know off hand the pain you are going through, but my son had his jaw broken and reconstructive so I know there is so much pain involved. My heart goes out to you. :cry:

On a lighter note, you look so hot.... its so hard to believe that you lost all that weight. You must be having a ball ( except of course for the set back) :D

I really hope you do not have to go through another operation to get the jaw right. :shock:

I am sending prayers your way.

Please don't be a stranger.... check from time to time to let us know how you are doing and show more pics.


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