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Getting to Know You - Thursday, May 21


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I actually can't answer this question until I go home tonight and count. I'll have to look on the rack, in the shoeboxes in my closet, on a shoerack on the floor of my closet and yes....maybe even under my bed.

Tanner (golden retriever) doesn't chew my shoes but he does have this bad habit of laying on them when I kick them off and sometimes he scoots them under the bed.

I'm not a shoe freak but I'm always looking for comfortable shoes and that's the reason I have too many.....comfort not fashion.

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WELL over 100. Flats, pumps, boots, sneakers, you name it, I have it in at least three colors! I have hot pink pointy-toed pumps, for goodness sake.

I LOVE shoes, my feet are the only thing that hasn't doubled in size since I was a teen, still wearing a single digit size! LOL Shoe shopping isn't nearly as depressing as clothes shopping for a chubby like me!

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Without actually counting, I'll guess 9. But I wear three pairs regularly: tennies, slaps and dressy flats. The rest are heels. I wear them when I'm not doing a lot of walking, although most are actually quite comfortable. Oh, I didn't count slippers. I have 4 pairs of those. To match my robes.

Can you tell I'm a "comfort girl"?

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5 pairs !!!! :shock:

1 sneakers!

1 Driving!!

1 for work!!! Gettin worn out though!!!! :wink:

1 dress black and 1 dress Brown!!! :P

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About a dozen -- but they're all basically the same: Birkenstocks and Birkenstock wannabes (Mephisto, Naot, Finn Comfort, Haflinger), all sandals except for two pair of clogs (for snow and heavy rain), all black, taupe, or brown, plus one ancient pair of white that serve as my bedroom slippers. I can't imagine wearing normal shoes anymore (and I used to LOVE shoes and spent my late teens/early 20s in 4" pointy-toe spike heels, arrghhh!).


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