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3rd Chemo


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Hi, it's Pixie again and I have just had my 3rd chemo and I am feeling pretty sick and week today. I am meeting my doctor next Wednesday and will be scheduled for a CT Scan to see if the cancer is stable or if it is shrinking any. The dr. says they are just looking for stability. I am on Carboplatin and Taxotere and have been doing well most of the time.

Thanks for being there for me. It is hard to find a Lung Cancer Support group in Richmond VA.

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Hi, Pixie, sorry to hear you're under the weather after your third chemo. This afternoon is definitely nap time for me, since I had chemo 2 days ago.

I took the liberty to move your post out of the "Just for Fun" forum into the "LC Survivors" forum, since I figured you didn't intentionally put it there. But if it WAS intentional (some of us have developed an unusual sense of humor as a coping technique), just let me know by PM and I'll be happy to move it back. Or one of the other moderators can do it for you if I'm still napping. :?

Best wishes on your next scan. Yes, stable is good! Aloha,


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Hi Pixie,

Sorry you are hitting a rough patch. Try to eat and drink as often as you can. It seemed to help me if I tryed to eat something every few hours, if my stomach got empty, oh boy! Stay on top of your nausea meds, don't wait until you are really sick to take them. Talk to your doc they might be able to prescribe you something else, that will work better. Above all else! BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF! It's not like you just stubbed your toe! How many chemo treatments do you have schueduled? I know we all seem to have differant schedules based on our cancers and responses. I had chemo 3 days a week then off 3 weeks, I did that for 4 rounds. My first week wasn't bad at all, I was surprised. My second round I started getting sick and weak. My 3rd round I was ready to throw in the towel, yuck! But I was almost done so I did my last and fourth round. I'm glad I stuck with it! Keep posting!


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Hi Pixie. Sorry you are having a bit of a tough time...but this too will pass. Many prayers that the treatment is doing what is supposed to do. Drink lots even if you do not feel like eating, that will help flush the chemo out of your body and get you feeling better quicker. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.


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Pixie, I found the side-effects cumulative after my early chemos. It's so disappointing to do well after the early infusions and then experience them going south. Hope the next is better. Sometimes it's a matter of finding different ways to deal with the side-effects. Dana has some good advice some of which has worked for me. I also wondered "how many?" It's so much easier working toward an end date.

Good luck, Judy in Key West

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