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Getting to Know You - Friday, May 22


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Any special plans for Memorial Day weekend? Do you have anything in your plans that will help honor the brave men that lost their lives to keep us free?

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Wow this is a good one.

As most of you know I live in a senior housing complex. We have come up with several plans. First of all we will actually be celebrating on Wednesday instead of the weekend. (We do already have a special area set up with pictures of our loved ones who served in the military.)

We have new flags for our buildings. We decided that sense it is Memorial Day month to do something special. We have a color guard coming to do a flag raising ceremony. While here we will present them with a donation of $100 that we raised with a hot dog sale to the residents and their families. That money is to help keep the big flag flying along interstate 5.

After the ceremony we are having a picnic and have invited the color guard to stay. Several of us have been working on some projects to present gifts to them. I have made several red, white and blue bottle carriers( I crochet them and they have a handle, great when you go for a walk) several of us have been making red white and blue tissue toppers so each of them will have one of those, the ones I made have the American Flag and Eagles.

We are also having a potato salad contest. I would be pretty confident of winning if it were anything else but potato salad is not my best thing.

Anyway this is too long but I want to wish you all a pleasant weekend and hope you take time to reflect on what this holiday is really all about. God Bless :!:

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Wow, Lil, it sounds like you have a great time coming up. I think the things you are doing to remember our brave servicemen and women are wonderful. I love the idea that people are displaying pictures of their lived ones that were in the military. And...I have no doubt that your potato salad will win! I have some of your recipes that you have shared with me and I know what a fantastic cook you are. I have yet to taste anything that a cajun gal cooks that I don't like!!!

Now...for my weekend. Tomorrow morning, I will be working to finish a float that we will have in the Memorial Day Parade in Melbourne. Then, after working on the float for a couple of hours, we will be riding the bike to a Wreath Laying Ceremony to honor our veterans. The rest of my day will be spent doing the normal household stuff....grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Then, on Sunday, my friend is having a Memorial Day party at her house. She's a great cook and I always look forward to a party of hers. Monday morning will be a very busy one. I'll be getting up at 5:00 and heading to our Post to help cook breakfast before the parade. I'll be walking in the parade, helping to carry a gigantic flag that we have. Then, we're having a picnic at our Post after the parade. Sometime, I'll have to fit in time to make a couple of covered dishes to take to the picnic. So....looks like this weekend holds no rest for me.

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wow you are one busy lady. A lot has been going on with me and one day soon I will post. For now I really like this subject. As you know my son served in the first Gulf War. I have a picture of my husband (navy veteran) My father in law (army WW2) and my son , US army Airborne Dessert Storm) that picture was taken on Veterans day 2005 and Denis died the following February. I am so glad they took that picture.

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