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Let's give a mention of honor here


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Ann's getting to know you gave me an idea.

Can we list our loved ones and family members who served this country here and give them a salute of respect for what they gave? All branches of the military count, that means Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. While we are at it there is another group who have served well even if they are not in the military. Those in the Peace Corp gave a lot as well.

I have deep respect for all who serve. I may not always agree with the wars but the men who serve deserve all of the recognition they can get.

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Deb, My Late wife was Air Force!

Mom served as Captain in Nursing in Air force in Korea

Dad served enlisted Navy Korea

I served Navy during the Reagan administration No War!!

Mike my roomie as some of you know is National guard and

Both of his older brothers are Army

1 Uncle deceased Boat captain in Navy D-Day invasion.

1 Uncle shot duty parachute ops in Pacific WWII.

Grandpa was WWI Army .

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Thank you Randy and to all of you who served.

My oldest brother was in Korea just as the hostilities broke out.

My other brother served state side in the early 50s

Father in law US armyMP WW2,

Ex Husband US Navy served just prior to Viet Nam on US Bonhomme Richard

My son airborn US Army Desert Storm

Johnny US Army early 1950s stateside

My granddaughter's husband Just returned after 15 months in Afghanstan and earlier served in Iraq

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Hi all-

Lily, this is a great idea!! Too many people think of Memorial Day as a day off from work or school!!!

My husband Joe - Army, 82nd Airborne during Vietnam

My dad, his two brothers - Army - WWII

My husbands nephew Joe - AirForce - currently back here in this country - has done two tours in Iraq, has been stationed in Germany and England

My husbands uncle Joe who he was named for - died at the Battle of the Bludge - WWII - is still over there buried.

God Bless all those who served or are serving now. We only know the freedom we have because of them.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Definitely a great idea!

My father and uncle - Royal Canadian Air Force - WW2

My uncle - US Army - WW2, Korea and Viet Nam

His son - US Air Force - Operation Desert Storm

All of them are now deceased.

Two other cousins - Royal Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Navy - UN Peace Keeping Forces

My big brother - US Navy River Rat in Viet Nam

My younger big brother - US Army, Viet Nam era

I also worked for nearly 10 yrs as a DoD scientist, I can't count all my friends who served and are still serving.

Thank them one and all, and keep them all safe! And may those I love who are gone rest in peace.

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My big brother - US Navy River Rat in Viet Nam

Ah, the River Rats, aka the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association. And we're not talking about the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma...

It's a remarkable geologic feature which I saw many times, though not from this altitude!


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Mom and Dad were both in the Air Force. In fact, they met and married there. Dad was a career officer. Mom was enlisted, so she was discharged (fraternizing with an officer is a no-no :lol: ).

One of my brothers-in-law was in the Marines and his son was in the Army. He served in Iraq.

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My uncle Elton was a tail gunner in WWII

My husband's uncle Ted was in Patton's tank division WWII

My husband's sisters both married career army men, Ed general army, Gene Green Beret

My husband was Navy enlisted serving on the USS Wasp off Cuba during the missile crisis.

Judy in Key West

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