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I am mad, very mad.


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They have announced where 73 million dollars of grant money from the Stand Up To Cancer drive is going. 5 research facilities are getting the money. Of the 5, 2 are for breast cancer and 1 is for pancreatic cancer. I don't see any mention as to a specific cancer on the other 2. This is wrong, just wrong.

I am mad that we have so many young people, especially women with young children, that are suffering with this dreadful, under funded, disease.

I am mad as hell.

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Im not thrilled with it either.

Unfortunately there are alot of organizations out there who will only fund research that yield a "measurable" success...while LC researchers and gene therapy scientists will tell you that our research has a 80-95% failure rate. BUT that doesn't mean we don't try...and we will. We will keep trying and keep testing and keep funding Lung cancer specific research so that we see things like Tarceva and Iressa and other treatment options come to fruition. AND also on early detection methods so that a chance for a cure is standard instead of rare.

After I saw your post this morning, I blogged about it today and twittered directly to @SU2C about it.

Doesn't change a thing but it made me feel better to "say it out loud"

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A travesty and injustice to all who have suffered Lung cancer has been committed by this. I cant even start right now I cant see straight!!!!

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This is why I only donate to the Cancer Center Alan was treated at.

They have a complete Lung Cancer Team. They sponsor low cost

early lung cancer screening. I sit on the Cancer Center board just to

be sure there is a voice for lung cancer patients and their families.

I have found National campaigns are NOT the way to go, and refuse

to donate to any National fund. I at least have a small voice in how

my dollars are spent with my local cancer center.

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This really sucks big time. We should be used to this by now as its always the same outcome.

But we will never stop trying to get this out there. Thank G-d for Lungevity!

Ginny, I am sooooo mad too! :twisted:

Maryanne :cry:

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