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Friday's Air


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Got a day (at least until 3 pm maybe) to myself in the RV in Port St Lucie so thought I'd do an Air. GOOD MORNING ALL!

I've been thinking, since I've caught myself starting to sign "Judy in Key West" on emails to non-LCSC members, maybe I'll drop the "in Key West" here. To those of you who may not know (NOT assuming you care lol), I starting doing it to differentiate myself from Judy O.k. Then someone who I assume thought I was being pretentious or something, asked why I signed Judy in Key West. I found that a little unsettling because I didn't know why anyone would care so I kept doing it even after I'd not seen the other "Judy" post for awhile. Now if you want to weigh in, I'm thinking of dropping the "in Key West." You probably know my avatar by now as I do most of you. Will you recognize me if I change it? Probably. What do you think?

I'm shameless in what I'll do to get a response to an Air. LOL.

Judy (in Key West or not?)

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Oh Judy -You will ALWAYS be Judy in Key West to me!! When I am talking about the forum to family and friends I always call you Judy in Key West as if "In Key West" is your last name! I say keep it!

By the way, because of you, I have added Key West to the list of places to see on my "life list" So don't be surprised if I knock at your door some day!

Today is a cold, rainy day in Connecticut. The kind of day all you want to do is snuggle up with a coffee and a good book. It is also my 27th anniversary, I think we will go out to dinner and then to see that new Pixar movie "Up". 27 years ago we got married at noon (the church filled with lilacs, my favorite) had a reception until 10 or so, then met some friends at a local bar til closing, then drove two hours and fell sound asleep in the hotel fully dressed!! HaHa! Oh, by the way Judy in Key West - we honeymooned in that most romantic of all spots - JERSEY!! Oh it was also a very cold, rainy day then too!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

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Maybe you could sing ~ Just Judy!!!!! Any way at all you sign is A-OK with me!

Janet ~ love your wedding/honemoon story. Fred and I 'honeymooned' shopping in King of Prussia ~ the largest mall on the east coast, I think! Can't let ANYTHING get in the way of a good shopping trip :D:wink: !!!!!

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Hi Judy,

Judy in Key West if fine. I don't even know why anyone would question it. That is what you have been on here so why even change it?

There is all kinds of people on here. I know as I had some issues a couple of years back. You cannot let anyone unsettle you, its not worth the bother.

Keep it the way it is, as that is part of what you are. I can say you can also add "Judy from Key West and East Coast" as you are from Jersey also. (tee hee) :D

Maryanne :wink:

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Judy, I heartily support your ... doing whatever pleases you!

If you like, I can change my name to 'Judy in PA' so then no one can ask you why you're 'Judy in Key West'! Of course, then they'll ask me why I'm suddenly 'Judy'. :lol::lol::lol:

Ellen (who's too lazy to type Ellen_in_PA every time)

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Judy, We will call you whatever you please. Remember the old slogan :Call me anything you wish but dont call me late for supper." Is Bertie Higgins still big in that neck of the woods? I always loved his song Key Largo. He was kind of a one hit wonder and I have never heard anything of him since. Your post brought to mind an old Andy Griffith episode where Guber was doing his Cary Grant imitation. Judy Judy Judy. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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Judy, I kind of like your "Judy in Key West" or your "Judy by the Rappahannock River" or your "Judy in some field in New Jersey" or your "Judy in Narcoosee" or wherever in the world you are. (Can you tell, I'm stretching my memory and/or being just a tad tongue in cheek here?)

I'm living vicariously through you, Lady Bright. To me, you'll always be "Judy in ***insert adventure here***".

And on that note, Happy Anniversary, Janet.

I have a honeymoon story of my very own...

Larry and I (sort of) eloped to Folkston, Georgia to get married. (Long, boring story for another day). We checked into the only motel in town, then went directly to the courthouse. We had to get blood tests done (another story in itself), then back to the courthouse. We made it just under the wire. We said our "I do's" at 5:07 p.m. Then we headed back to the motel. We noticed that the door to our room was ajar. Hmm....

We went inside and found the teenage son of the owner messing with our thermostat. He said the AC wasn't working. Hmm.....we were the only guests, as far as we could tell. Why give us that particular room? Well, he left and the AC worked fine.

The next morning, as we were packing up to leave, Larry found my nightgown (which I never took out of my suitcase---teeheehee), on the far side of the room next to the wall. We concluded that the teenage son rifled through my luggage and fondled my nightgown.

I never could bring myself to wear that nightgown. And it is was a pretty one, too....................

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