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Saturday's Air


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It's the weekend and obviously everyone is out enjoying the good weather (I hope). I'm taking a minute before my daughter comes to get me to go shopping. MORNING ALL!

I just wanted to comment on how successful yesterday's Air was. It's wonderful once in awhile when when so many of us just come on and share "whatever." The general consensus seems to be keep "in Key West" and when Lynn reminded me that I use the ending to chronicle my travels, that cinched it!

Best of all, I LOVED the honeymoon stories. Mine isn't so funny but I always told people how wonderful it was that my uncle who had recently gotten his pilot's license surprised us at the reception by telling us he was flying us to our planned honeymoon in NY in a piper cub. It was a cold January night with lots of snow still on the ground so we were thrilled. It was bumpy though and I was so scared I couldn't speak the whole trip. I think that scared my husband lol. The only funny part is that we flew from NJ to NY in a private plane and came back with empty pockets on a bus.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm on my way to Orlando tomorrow for an infusion on Monday.

Judy in Key West

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Okay - so you got in a little tiny airplane, in the ice and snow, with a pilot who JUST got his license - are you crazy??!! Ha Ha! Of course I don't fly at all - so who am I to judge :D funny though that I went from NY to Jersey for my honeymoon and you went from Jersey to NY! Where in NY did you go?

Last night we went to see the new Pixar movie "Up". It was wonderful, very funny and very sweet - I know I teared up and I am pretty sure my husband did too. One of those "kid" movies that is really for the adults.

It is an absolutely beautiful day here today, after a week of cold and rain it is wonderful to feel the sun.

Have a wonderful day everyone -

God bless and peace


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Gorgeous here too. 80 and blue sky predicted, like yesterday. We've got a small, red headed woodpecker in the snag in the back. Hasn't started working this morning, yet.

Tomato plants are starting to flower, strawberries are setting fruit. Seeds (various greens) are sprouted, and lots of volunteer (from not fully composted kitchen waste) squash plants thriving.

Been feeling really good the last two days - hoping to keep it that way.

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Beautiful day here too, huge blue sky, near eighty. I had a terrible night, just can't breath very well, congested and wheezy, (and not the good kind like Mrs. Jefferson), coughing. Everytime I try to sleep I wake up choking. s41t. I'd like to be out enjoying this great day. Oilwell, GOD will get me thru.

Donny in Way West

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