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The NEW staging system and what does it mean?


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The new staging system and what does it mean?

This was a two hour conference I attended about an hour ago. Lots of information presented to a large audience of oncologist very quickly. I've got lots of notes and I even took video I plan to upload on youtube.

Looks like some benefits for those with NSCLC in terms of clinically staging a patient to be viable for surgery and no real benefit for SCLC.

I will say that there is a new staging system for SCLC that uses the same T-factor staging system as NSCLC....so those with small cell can now be staged as 1A, 1B, !V, etc.... HOWEVER, it does not impact the viable advantage of surgery because,

"small cell is a disease that needs systemic therapy, no surgery, risk of disseminating the disease after surgery. Not many clinical oncologist with use the "new" staging system for small cell as there are no surgical benefits- very few will use it unless a patient is caught very early and is young in age."

That's just a glimpse of the content from this meeting. Take it or leave it but I wanted to share!! Will post video if anyone is interested in the next day or two.

Off to my next meeting- Lung Cancer, local, regional, and adjuvunct therapies.

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Katie, I am very interested in the video. I'll been following the coming new stage system on cancergrace since Dr West told me my cancer will be restaged--from IIIb to IVa. I said thank you very much, I went from a three to a four! But he pointed out that although that was true when it's contained to the chest area, it carries a much better prognosis. There is some question, however, if these last tests have it still contained. My oncologist debated a couple of things the test reader said telling my daughter the nurse it was questionable whether or not nodes had penetrated the chest wall or whether there was really any significant growth in a lymph node in the lung.

Judy in Key West

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