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SCLC new staging


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Katie, I checked out the tape on UTube but the speaker wasn't easy to hear. I'm not really sure I'd get the answers I need anyway since there is now question as to whether or not I have nodules that have penetrated the chest wall into the lung or if there is some change in a lymph node in the lung. If I understood Dr West when he was anticipating the new staging system, I would have gone from IIIb to IVa with the only positive being if it were contained to the chest wall it would have a much better prognosis.

Judy in Key West

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yes I think Dr. West has some great reviews of the slides. This one in particular was for Small cell, which you don't have, but the other youtube presentations are slides-only as well.

Remember that I took a months worth of training just to be able to understand these presentations! lol.

Jack has alot of his asco reviews over on GRACE.

My overall review of the new staging system is that it will group patients (including those with small cell) according to tumor size and location and will help with prognosis and theraputic benefits.

Nothing groundbreaking-

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