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Getting to Know You - Friday, June 5


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I would definitely like to be on any one of the shows that comes in and does a home makeover. I don't care if I'm even on camera and I don't care what they're making over. Could be my kitchen, bathroom, lawn.....even me. Hey, I could definitely use a makeover.

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Oh...I forgot....I always wanted to be on Deal Or No Deal. I love Howie and I just know I would know when to take the money and leave...LOL!!! Yeah, right! I would be the one that would have a decent amount built up and would keep on trying for the million. No, there are a lot of things I could do with a lot less money, like save for the grandbabies college, so I would probably be a good girl and grab my sackful of money from that mean ole banker and run home!!!

Hey Ginny D...I figured you would want to be on DWTS !!!

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Uh, this is a toughie for me since the shows I watch don't lend themselves to wanting to be on them -- I watch Chris Mathews, Ed Schultz, and Keith Olbermann but don't know enough to be a 'pundit'; I watch Judge Judy and Dr G Medical Examiner but don't want to be in a lawsuit or undergoing an autopsy; and I adore Family Guy, South Park, the Simpsons, and King of the Hill but don't want to be an animated cartoon. Ok, I'll pick the Dog Whisperer and hope the brilliant Cesar Millan can teach my little dog to shut the h*** up when the doorbell rings!


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