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Oh Randy......


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we do need to check on this!!!! Anyone. We are HIGHLY DISCOURAGED against blowing on our customers Hard boiled eggs at work so I do not know if this works! I always Peel and never had a problem so Inquiring Minds need to know including mine!!!![/b]

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Janet, good for you. You made the effort anyway. I am going to try it when I can. Did you write the directions down? I didn't. I do remember that thing about older eggs peeling easier but I didn't think there was really such a thing as "fresh" eggs since I left the farm. Randy, I thought it was a tsp but am not sure. I do think he said what--10 or 12 minutes lol. I do remember a "low" heat.

Judy in Key West

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simmer for 12 minutes He said We steam for 11 minutes at the restaurant so 12 is good without overcooking!

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