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Guest DaveG

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Hi All:

Still slightly groggy :lol::lol: but I think I am with it :shock: .

The Colonoscopy was NED!

They told me they would "slightly" sedate me. Don't use the words "slightly" and "sedate" in the same sentence with me, as that means OUT COLD!!!! 8)8)8)

The last words I heard were "Mr Grant. This shot I'm put........"

The next words were: "Mr. Grant, Mr. Grant. Time to wake up", which were an hour later.

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HA! I wrote somewhere else checking on how you did, but I found your message here. Very funny. What was sooo bad for me is being a nurse I have stood in on these before and they put this gas in to blow the colon up for the DR to see. WELL that gas comes back out and sounds like--you guess. HA After my test was done I laughed about being the only patient they had that had NOT farted the gas out. Needless to say they LET me know I was NOT unique :oops:

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Yea, I remember the slightly sedated line...the next thing I knew I was asking if they were ready to start and they were finished! I'm so glad it was negative and it is over. It's the night before that's the worst part!

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Guest oopsdidn'tloginDebaroo

Dave, I was cracking up when I read about how you were knocked out so fast. I am the same way. I remember when I broke my ankle jet skiing a few years ago, in a "freak" accident-the freak being me- I was so scared to go under sedation because I remember being on anthisdemines (sp?) as a child and being sent to school with a note from my mom saying that if I fell asleep during class, it was due to medication I was on (yep-I took FULL advantage of that one!) Anyway, I went under the sedation all calm 8) , but inside I was freaking out :shock: - when I woke up I came out of it swinging :x - I was trying to hit whatever and whoever came near me :evil: , I figured I went under feeling that way, but succsessfully hiding it, and came out acting that way. Anyway, I remember the surgeon walking by as I was being further sedated by the nurses to "relax me" I could see him when I looked at my feet and he said "whats the matter with her?", that somehow snapped me back to reality and I felt like the quite the "maroon" :oops: as my hero bugs bunny would say. Anyway, I am glad to hear all is well. Take care, Deb

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