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Weird Coincidence


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Hi everyone. As you know, yesterday I wrote about how a Dr. had said he was going to operate on both lungs. Some of you expressed concern that maybe this was too aggressive, and some people have been telling me they have never heard of such a thing. Well I jsut had to call my mothers's Disabilty Insurance carrier to get the disabilty all worked out. The rep who I had to speak with just told me that her grandmother just a few months ago had radiation, chemo and then surgery on both lungs to remove tumors. She said they did one lung, and then 6 weeks later the other, and that she is in her 70's and so far has recovered fine and is having great results from the whole thing. Is there anyone else there who knows anything about this?

Would apprecaite some positive feedback about this whole procedure, if anyone has any. Thanks

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I was at church Sunday morning and felt a tap on my shoulder. A couple I have known a long time told me he had lung cancer. He had several tumors and they were in bothe lungs. 10 days ago he had a wedge resection on the left. After he heals they were going to do a CT and decide if they would do one the right tumors. ( another wedge resection) . This was done at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnnesota. I thought it was weird. Donna G

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