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Tuesday's Air!


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Hello My Fine Friends!

I do hope you are all operating at full potential today. It's been a bit since I was by and wanted to stop in and say hello.


Times are so very busy. Currently I'm in the gulf. Go home Thursday. Go to court Friday. Been preparing for that. Saturday and Sunday I guess will largely depend on the outcome Friday. Monday morning PET scan. Monday afternoon, take Pat to neurologist to get pain therapies squared away. Tuesday morning, Oncologist appt and I guess the direction of that visit and the following days will be somewhat dependant on the outcome of Monday's PET. I really need to get a lot of work done on the house. Ain't got time to be sick!

Here's a picture of some visitors I had out here about a month ago. I had intended to share it before now and just haven't taken the time to do it. So anyway, enjoy!


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Afternoon all. Will, I'm so glad I finally got on site today. Love the pic--they are dolphin, aren't they? You really do have busy days. Don't know what's up on Friday but hope Saturday and Sunday are celebration days. Hate those PET scans. Don't leave us hanging now--let us know how it goes after you see the onc on Tuesday. I like that "too busy to be sick" attitude. So sorry to hear your wife is still dealing with pain. Hope the therapies do their job soon.

I'm still hanging out in Port St Lucie waiting for Dominick to get out of school at 1 pm tomorrow. Wendy and I will have a nice Asian dinner tomorrow night, and Stan and Dominick and I will take off Thursday morning for about a week in Key West. The GOOD NEWS is my husband decided he didn't want to leave all the food in the fridge and pack our stuff to go down by car. We'll leave the car and trailer here and go in the motorcoach. Yeah!!!!!!! I'm so spoiled. I hated the thought of packing stuff for a week and driving down by car. In defense of myself, I am prone to carsickness and am still dealing with major digestive problems with this Alimta.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Hey Judy glad you will soon be Judy in Key West for a week anyways.

Nothing exciting in my neck of the woods today. Just working and I hear the weather outside is about 75 degrees and sunny. So hopefully people will want to play rather than come to the Dr. today! :twisted: Oh well either way works for me I guess I am committed for my ten hours today busy or not.


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Good afternoon everyone. It is a beautiful day here in Victoria....we have had a good run of summer! The kids are still in school for a few more weeks and then the lazy days of summer will begin.

Will, I am sending prayers your way for a clean scan. You definitely do not have time to be sick.

Have safe comfy travels Judy.

I am just back from getting my nails done....a red raspberry summer color! And I bought a new outfit to go out for dinner tonight! Should be fun.

Have a lovely evening everyone.


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I also have a little dolphin tattoo...on my right shoulder blade.

Obviously, that requires a photo!

Got back from my chemo session a couple of hours ago, but probably won't be feeling much till tomorrow evening. Everybody in the family is rather tired — we took Lani's mother (94 and lives with us) to the ER Saturday night for high temp and weakness, was found to have pneumonia, was admitted and is now stable but not out of the woods. If I suddenly quit posting for a while that will most likely be the reason.

Love those dolphins!


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I also have a little dolphin tattoo (Got it when I was 21) on my right shoulder blade. (Don't tell anyone)

OOOPS Shouldn't say that out loud Katie!!! :wink::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Hi Will glad to see you back.

Always busy here especially today. Payday and had to bum a ride, hard to carry many groceries on the bus, my car is on the fritz and will be laid up for awhile. With the price of gas riding the bus is cheaper but also time consuming so I am learning patience again or at least trying to learn. :oops:

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