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Hello all.

Back from the hospital. The surgery went well, no problems or complications. The left ovary & mass were the size of a softball. I'm just amazed it was so large and I couldn't feel it. It wasn't even painful. You'd think that if something of that size was hanging out in your abdomen that you'd feel something from it wouldn't you?

It turns out it is cancer, and all the first tests & stains are looking that its a mets and not a new primary. I understand this will mean something different in how its treated I guess. I don't see the chemo Doc until the 29th, I'm not really sure why he wasn't contacted while I was still inpatient so that he could have seen me right off but he wasn't so I guess there is no point in having a hissy about it.

The good news is that Dr A. feels confident that he got it all, that the tumor was still confined to the left ovary. He removed everything else though as a precaution so the right ovary, uterus and cervix are all gone as well as the lymph nodes & some fatty tissue. As a bonus they also repaired a fairly large umbilical hernia I had that was a consolation prize after my c-section when my son was born.

I'm pretty scared & nervous about going back into treatment. My hair is coming in so nicely now and its long enough that I'm looking like a lady with short hair as opposed to a bald cancer patient. I know hair is unimportant when measured against a life but its still something painful to lose.

Its hard to not get depressed about this.

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Hey you, Kat,

They think it's a mets and not a primary, meaning that it's probably not ovarian cancer but lung cancer spread there? Just wondering.

I know it's hard to not get depressed, but keep your chin up and your spirits high. We're all here to cheer you on, ok?

Keep us posted on how you're doing.

Take care and God Bless,

Karen C.

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So sorry you have to start over and lose all your hair again, I know it is not suppossed to be a big deal, but it hurts to lose something that is part of your femininity! I actully stressed out more about my hair than anything else. I knew I would lose it, but it didn't make it hurt any less!

Hang in there dear and keep fighting!


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Hope they got it all also. I think it is pretty unusual for lung cancer to spread to the ovary. Of course cancer can spread to unusual sites.

It sounds like you have good doctors, they took the time to to all the stainings and other tests.

Lung cancer "usually" spreads to the brain, bones, liver, adrenals.

In any case second opinions are always helpful, especially in unusual cases.

http://www.contemporaryobgyn.net/be_cor ... abbaz.html

Small cell anaplastic lung cancer presenting as an ovarian metastasis.

Malviya VK, Bansal M, Chahinian P, Deppe G, Lauersen N, Gordon RE.

An unusual case of small cell anaplastic carcinoma of the lung, presenting as a pelvic mass, is presented. Histochemical and electron microscopic findings confirmed the diagnosis. The pathologic features and unique clinical characteristics are discussed with comments on the topic of metastatic ovarian tumors.

Publication Types:

Case Reports

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Guest Karen C.

Kat and John:

Funny, but I've asked Dave's oncologist several times if SCLC tends to spread to one place more than another. Or I've posed the question differently and asked him if it spread, where would it be most likely to spread to, so we could keep an eye on that part of the body, etc., and everytime he says that it could go anywhere, absolutely anywhere.

Guess Kat's proving him right. But that's why I asked Kat if it was indeed lung cancer - I was starting to wonder, hadn't heard of anyone getting it anywhere but the usual spots.

Not that I need to worry about Dave's ovaries . . .

Karen C.

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My mom has a met in the pancreas. As a matter of fact, the early diagnosis was pancreatic cancer. The tumor closed off her bile duct, causing elevated liver enzymes and jaundice. Her older sister also died of pancreatic cancer about 10 years ago. Mom had a stent placed, which fixed the problem, but it took 2 bronchoscopies and a needle biopsy to confirm that what she had was SCLC with a met to the pancreas rather than pancreatic cancer with met to the lung. Her brain and bone scans are clean, and her liver is clear also. Weird. But hey, we'll take SCLC over pancreatic cancer (which would have meant palliative care only).

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Karen, Yes Dr A said it looks like its a lung mets to the ovary and not ovarian cancer its self. I really wasn't aware it was someplace that the cancer would mets too, but then the only place I really remember them telling me about sclc metastising too was the brain, it was actually told to me that the brain was its "favorite spot" to go to.

I am hoping to get a lot more information about the treatment and things about the mets on the 29th.

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Guest Karen C.

First of all, I want to tell you that your hair looks very pretty. I'm sorry you'll probably lose it again. And your son is a handsome dude!

That's really interesting. I'm so sorry you have that mets. I don't know what else to say. It just totally sucks. Hang in there and don't get down, OK?

Keep the faith, don't get down, let us know if you need a boost (visit the For Laughs forum every now and then!)

God Bless you,

Karen C.

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Maybe SCLC is much different. Though my mom's friend was a long term survivor of SCLC. She kept on getting mets. She actually got a met to her eye.

I think though is usually goes to the brain, bones, liver, adrenals. That is what most of the web sites say

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Guest cbysea1


Just keep hanging in there.

Your short hair does look pretty.

I have limited SCLC.

I know about feeling upset about the hair thing when something of astounding magnitude is going on in our treatments.

It seems so trivial now.

I had long thick hair down to my back.

I cut the first 18 inch's off to give to "locks of love".

I wanted to be the one who Chose to lose my hair ,not the cancer's choice.

Congrats on the successful surgery.In the sense you have all the cancer removed without complications.

You sure have cute son.I know he is your main focus right now.I have grandchildren who (besides my adult children) are such a blessing and so positive about life.

God bless you and your son,

Cheryl_Child of God

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