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Missing My Sweetie and Thanking You All


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I don't come here as much as I did when Jack was fighting the cancer. I found such support here and truly appreciate you all for your kind words which kept me from being in a panic mode all the time. It will be one year and 7 months tomorrow since my sweet Jack passed from this world into Heaven. I truly cannot say that it is much easier to live without him. In many ways it is harder because the numbness of the first months has passed and the pain is more noticable. I haven't forgotten you all and wanted you to know how much your support and this website mean to us spouses travelling this road with our loved one. I have been on here today catching up on those of you who I remember from months ago. My wish for each of you is health, miracles, and the love and support that you so unselfishly share with others. God bless you all.

Shirley Humphries

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Oh Shirley, I hope that with some more time poignant memories may replace the deep loss you are feeling. Loss never disappears, but comforting memories sometimes do help the sharp sting. Thanks for stopping by. We're here any time at all you feel the need.


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I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you continue to feel. I hope with time, the good times will overshadow the painful times.

Thank you for your kind words of support for those of us traveling this horrid road. We sure do appreciate it.

Hugs - Patti B.

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I can't believe its been that long either...

Think of the good memories and know how much he loved you. It does not make it easier but you were so lucky to be loved.

Take care and know how much we care here. So many have walked in your shoes... I pray I never know that feeling.

Hugs to you


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