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Scientists Discover One Way to Prevent Lung Cancer

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http://smartabouthealth.net/diseases/20 ... ng-cancer/

Boston (SmartAboutHealth) - It is being reported that scientists have managed to develop a method of reducing one way that people can get lung cancer.

They were able to do this by figuring out a way of blocking nanoparticles from entering into a person’s lungs, thus reducing their overall risk of developing the deadly form of cancer.

The little particles, microscopic in size have been shown to have cancer causing effects, thus by being able to block them from entering the lungs, the risk of lung cancer developing is greatly reduced.

Writing in the Journal of Molecular Cell Biology. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology the scientists explain how they were able to figure out their discovery.

Working with mice, the scientists explain how they injected them with a type of autophagy inhibitor and then exposed them to the toxic particles which had no effect on the lungs of the test rodents.

“This provides us with a promising lead for developing strategies to prevent lung damage caused by nanoparticles,” said the leader of the team, Chengyu Jiang, a molecular biologist at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing.

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