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My bestest friend Martha/UPDATE 7/13-Mixed News UPDATE!!!


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Prayers for a speedy recovery and a great surgery with no problems or complication!!! Might be too late but still gonna say a recovery prayer!

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Thanks everybody. I know it is not lung cancer related but all thoughts and prayers mean so much.

As of 7:30 p.m. Chicago time Martha was still in surgery and they came out and said they expect another 1 - 1 1/2 hours. They started on her at about noon. That is such a long time to be under anesthesia. After about 3 hours they gave us the first update regarding the lymph nodes. The right side that has the tumor is negative in the nodes. The left side with all the hot spots tested positive so they removed the rest. The doctor said that Martha was one smart lady telling them to take both breasts. She definitely made the right decision. The final pathology will take approx 48 hours.

I don't expect any further updates until tomorrow mid morning or so. I am exhausted and need some major sleep. I hope I can get some tonight.


(9:30 p.m. Martha made it out of surgery and to the recovery area.)

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Thanks you ladies.

Martha made it home yesterday. She is happy to be home but she of course tires easily. I will be going to see her after Viv gets home from work.

Mar will go back to the doc on Tuesday for follow up and get her final pathology reports.

Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughs.


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Martha just called me with some mixed news.

It turns out that she has 2 different cancers. They say they have not seen a case like this in 20+ years. She can't remember the names as she said she was half nude trying to get dressed when the doctor called but will ask for a copy of the reports when she goes in on Wednesday. She see the plastics guy tomorrow and the surgeon on Wednesday.

The surgeon told her that there was a spot at the back of the breast that was very close to invading the muscle. They are thinking of doing radiation on that area jsut to make sure that nothing is lurking.

They also said that the cancer that was in the left is a more aggressive fast moving form as she made the right choice in removing them both when they did.

Martha has been through some amazing health journey's in the 20 years I've known her. We always said that if some crazy sh** is going to happen it will happen to her.

OY Vey!!!

Time to try and process this now.


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