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Getting to Know You - Tuesday, June 16


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The county fair is this week and on Friday my neighbor and I are going. Country singers Mark Chesnut and Carleen Carter will put on a show that evening free with admission to the fair. I love all of the exhibits too.

I am looking forward to when the weight I am losing starts to show and I need new clothes. Eating right and exercise helps but it is slow but in the long run I am hoping it pays off big time.

Of coarse I always look forward to the holidays and this year if all goes right I will take my trip in December and spend Christmas and New Years with my family in Louisiana.

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1. Retirement - (Still have years to go)

2. Friday - ( I live for the weekends)

3. Fourth of July - (Extra day off work)

Can you guys see a pattern here???? LOL

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Tonight, I'm playing a gig at a local coffeehouse.

Thursday, my Sugarbear has a day off and the weather is beautiful so I'm going to surprise her with a picnic outting.

Next month, we should finish remodeling our upstairs and quit livving in the squalor that most people call a basement. LOL

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(1) The end of the FY (Sept. 30th)--not so much overtime for a while.

(2) My daughters getting married (someday)

(3) Retirement so I can work on the Breath of Life Support Foundation full-time. We had our 3rd LC support group meeting tonight and had 4 participants and 4 support (facilitators, etc.)

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