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Getting to Know You _ Thursday, June 18


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OK...today is our day to rant and rave and get it all off our chests. TOday's question can have as many answers as you have time to type.


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I'm tired of calling a local company and being directed to someone in another country.

I'm tired of people who don't take responsibility for their actions, their children or their pets.

I am sick and tired of businesses that don't really appreciate your business, ship jobs out of the country, and will try to take advantage of employees who need their jobs.

I am tired of cell phone junkies walking/driving with no consideration for others. Weaving across lanes, driving eratically, walking in the middle of an aisle while jabbering is inconsiderate, and probably the conversation is not that important, anyway.

I'm tired of people that seem to think that smokers "deserve" to get cancer without doing their research and finding how many cancer patients don't smoke.

Whew...I feel better already....more to come.

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All of Ann's and Ginnyde's and

reporters who ask how you felt to win the Kentucky Derby or Daytona, or Indy, or Wimbleton oor the superbowl, people engage in any of those activities because they want to win. Noone ever says, it really depressed me.

people who feel entitled

irresponsible parents

people who feel entitled

bad drivers

cell phones.

being sick


Oh and did I mention the people who feel entitled

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All of the above and -----------

lung nodules that require a follow-up PET scan

Poorly written radiologist's reports - lots of words, no real info.




And probably a lot of other things that I'll think of later. Basically, I'm just tired of a lot of things.


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I could have written just about every single one of the above - but Katie - I don't have an adopted daughter who causes ignorant people to stare - but ya know what!?!?!? I'm upset over THAT one too.

But today I have TWO just smoldering!

The MANY aggressive dogs livivng in our neighborhood. Teddy is the most gentle, sweet thing and the kids all love him AND their parents. He even is allowed on the school bus ....shhhh..... don't tell. He visits all his little friends on Christmas Eve with his Christmas presents. BUT there are nasty things that growl and lunge and the other day bit ~ yes BIT him after it charged through the electric fence. Here's the real Pi%er. When we called to tell the owners - 3 times we tried, they didn't pick up. Yes, they WERE home. I know because I went by to double check. Left a very polite message (didn't want to be so, but Fred is just too dear) and they NEVER NEVER NEVER responded. Can ya tell I'm fumin" over this :twisted: !!!!

The other is getting hacked on FB twice and I even changed my password. Got up this morning and realized I'd been spammed and it was sent on to friends. Deleted like a maniac. Left for the day and returned to find it all over again. I open NOTHING there and I post NOTHING there. All I do is play that scrabble like game with a couple of friends. Now I get a message at the top of my page that says I have misused FB and COULD be permanently disabled. What frosts me even more is that there is NO WAY to contact FB to tell them it wasn't me!

Whew...........I feel better. Thanks for listening. Next time I'll even get into more personal vexations, but for today that's all I can handle.


Now, Ann, aren't you glad you asked!?!?!

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All of the above and

People who act like breast cancer is the ONLY one worthy of total suport from the public.

People who gripe about the way this country is run and do everything in their power to screw it up more.

Every time they need to cut out spending they zero in on programs that help seniors or children.

People who act like you are taking charity when you recieve Social

Security that you paid for.

People on both sides who abuse the seperation of church and state and make it fit their own ideas.

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wow - hate to tell y'all, but we have a no-precipitation streak running records here in the (not) rainy NW. Humid though.

What am I tired of?

Working for a wage.

And smelling my coworker's breakfast and lunch 5 days a week (stuff like vegetable soup for breakfast, gross fried chicken for lunch.)

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