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Throwing up?????

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Details of mum's journey below but we have been told 6 to 12 weeks, 2 large mets to liver and 3 lower back which is causing her pain. I ts been 4 days since the onc presented the palliative situation and she's not handling it well, he has prescribed perks for pain, a steroid, a stomache acid thing and something for anxiety and help her sleep, so from absolutely no meds to suddenly 4 diff pills a day plus she's not eating worth a darn, she had one ensure yesterday and kept throwing up as if she had been eating forever, today the same, all she had was some soup and she's gaging and running to be sick. I'm thinking what can she possibly be throwing up, she hasn't eaten anything. My brother and sister live in scotland and are not coming over for another 12 days, I'm terrified they are not even going to make it. I s the throwing up part of it, is it her liver or is it just the stress, any ones input appreciated. I haven't gotten to know too many of you that well but I have read everyones posts and stories since mum was diagnosed back in Sept and it has been a lifeline for me so thx to everyone.

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I am so sorry to hear that your mum has been given this prognosis (((HUGS)))

The sickness could be any number of things, ranging from the combination of drugs to stress of the whole situation.

I would speak with her Doctor because if it is the Pain medication causing the sickness then they may be able to change it to something that will better suit her.

Thinking of you all at this very hard time.

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...he has prescribed perks for pain...

I assume you mean Percoset? The only time I've been actively nauseous (thrown up) since receiving my cancer diagnosis was while I was on Percoset after my 2006 exploratory surgery. The nausea disappeared as soon as I switched to another pain medication.

So the pain meds would be the first place I'd look for a solution. Best wishes and Aloha,


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I definitely agree that it could be the pain meds that are causing her to throw up. There are other choices out there, even pain patches which have worked wonderful for me.

I am so sorry for your mum's diagnosis and I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Your mum is so lucky to have you by her side.

Hugs - Patti B.

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I am so sorry re your Mom's diagnosis. I would agree with most respondents here that it may well be the pain meds.

My husband could not deal with the Percocet

(nausea and high anxiety) but once they switched him to Oxycodone/Oxycontin he was much more comforable had far less nausea. He also felt less anxiety. I am thinging of you and wishing you strenght ahd comfort during this difficult time. And don't forget that in palliative care their goal is to keep your mother comfortable, so if she isn't you should talk to the head nurse and/or oncologist immediately.

It took them olmost a day to get my husband's meds right, including addition of morphine and Atavan, but once they got it right it was a huge difference for him, and of course a huge relief for the family.



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Hey there. I am sorry to read of your mom's update and that she is in pain and throwing up. The most important thing for her right now is to keep her as comfortable as possible. So please get a hold of the doc for that. Are you signed up for hospice? I think they have lots of solutions for pain as well. I hope things turn around soon for your mom and that her loved ones arrive in time. Prayers for you and your family.


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