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Update on Cathyr


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to first thank you all for the supportive messages and prayers that have been showered upon me. I had my lobectomy (2nd one) on Dec. 2 and did not get out of the hospital until Dec. 9. :cry: Unfortunately, when the surgeon opened me up he discovered that three lymph nodes removed all were malignant. He decided to take just the section with the tumor out and leave as much lung as he could. The PET scan prior to the operation indicated no lymph node involvement so this was a bad surprise. I have been restaged to IIIA from IIB.

I met the oncologist yesterday and she is suggesting a 6 cycle course of Gemzar and Cisplatin. I am scheduled for a bone scan tomorrow and a CT of the chest on Monday. She wants to make sure that it has not spread anywhere. Fortunately, I am asymptomatic which she said is a positive. I will need to move to San Diego from L.A. for about 6 months. Originally, I had planned to do the chemo in L.A., but both surgeon and oncologist strongly recommend staying with family. I am very blessed to have a strong support system from family and friends. I will stay with my brother who is not only a nutritional nut, but an incredibly spirtual person.

I am just trying to come to grips with this new plan of attack. I am pretty scared as I know all of us have experienced at some point during this dreadful disease. I have been keeping up with the posts and just haven't wanted to write about this yet because of all the other things happening. I only wish it were easier for us all. I still sometimes think I'm in a bad dream. If only that were true.

I am inspired by all of you and I pray that we can keep this web site up and running. I will be sending a donation and asking others I know to do the same. I love you all and find comfort in knowing that no one of us has to go through this by ourselves.

Thank you for reading this and I will keep you guys informed. Please send some prayers that my bone scan comes out clean. I, too, continue to pray for you!!!

Hugs to you all,


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You definitely are not alone in this battle. You, as myself, have faced previous battle with lung cancer. You, as myself, have won the previous battles. This whole group is here so that we can fight our individual battles together. We have almost 800 people to lean on for support, share our trials, and share our victories.

Keep us posted and continue the fight.

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You have beat this before and you can do it now. I am happy to hear that you have family that you can stay with and help care for you. By God's sripes you are healed. Claim that healing in his name, Jesus... God is good and hears our prayers. You are in my prayers...

God Bless


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