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ts first post treatment check up


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All good - ctscan with contrast - good. Breathing - good. Scar - healing fine. Hair - recently cut, not quite all the chemo growth off, but it looks healthy.

5 mm nodule on the other side, still there - no change. The way I understand it, that is good - did not respond to chemo, probably not cancer. Did not grow after 9 months, probably not cancer.

Next check up, 3 months. Doc says to keep up the exercise, eat well, and don't take up smoking. Also, don't walk in front of a bus. Funny guy.

Thank you all for your support!

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Thank you all.

Connie - the onc doc had no drinking advice - did suggest healthy eating.

The volunteer Naturopaths recommended no inflammatories - that is, no coffee, no alcohol, no fermented foods (pickled, smoked...) They also recommended 9 1/2 hours of sleep nightly! I can't say I am very good at following advice.

Linda - not much hair to blow - been short for a very long time - but I appreciate the thought.

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