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Hi to all. I've been reading this website for quite a long time now. i'm not very computer literate, so up until now i haven't been able to log on. anyway..a short intro.. i was diagnosed with limited sclc in april of 2002. went through cisplatin and etopocid chemo and radiation at the same time finishing up in June of 2002. currently my doctor says i am clinically in remission, i feel well, work full time, and am trying to go on with my life as best i can. life is indeed very different than before. i have read all your stories and cannot begin to tell you how much they have touched me. i cannot express in writing how terrible this cancer is and how devestating it is to us and our families. that is why i was so outraged at Revlon's insensitivity and ignorance. this morning i e-mailed Dr. Max Gomez at WNBC, NY. My dr. is a friend of Dr. Max's and i'm hoping my e-mail to him will get us some positive feedback ($) directed towards this horrible plight that is allowed to continue. I realize that the public in general needs a wake up call; needs to be educated as to just how prevalent a disease this is; that it effects so many smoking and non-smoking people and that it is a killer. Also, they need to get over the notion that we bring this on ourselves. anyway..just thought i'd share that with everyone. Let's hope we get some good feedback.i'll keep you posted. in the meantime, think positively!!!!!!

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Dear Daggiesmom,

Welcome to this wonderful group, the one NO ONE wishes to be a part of.

I'm so very glad to hear your doing so WELL!!! That's great!! Love those Survivor stories!!

As for what Revlon is doing, well, I agree with you as well. This isn't something that should be looked upon as something people "asked for" it's a devestating disease and hits all ages, race, and genders not to mention those that never smoked or quit smoking, etc...... Besides, smoking is STILL LEGAL!!! hummmm!

I just wanted to say thank you for joining in and for helping to make a HUGE difference in our fight to bring Awareness to Lung Cancer, the NUMBER ONE CANCER KILLER. Hope to see you post more often.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Hi to all, thanks for your replies and kind words. It seems most people on the board have ncslc; i guess this is more common than small cell. however, i know i can share my experiences with you anyway. i don't know the in and out of all this stuff, of course, but i do have insight into the emotion involved. also the understanding of the rights of the patient. Fortunately, i have been treated like gold by my doctor. i wish everyone had a doctor like him. One thing I see is to TALK TO THE DOCTOR ABOUT EVERYTHING. One thing my doctor does at every visit is ask me "questions, questions" almost to the point that it makes you crazy. But I know he means well. He wants me to ask! At my last visit I told him I did too much reading and now i know ALOT more than before and that i didn't know how good that really was. However, the cat is out of the bag now. he reassured me that statistics are just that, that they are just numbers and i am me -- not a number. what a good doctor! If you are not comfortable with your doctor, GET ANOTHER QUICKLY. They are there to help you and encourage you. any negativity from them and you should be gone! Your test results should be available to you as soon as possible - no waiting! You are entitled to know as soon as possible. This is your LIFE - NOT AN OIL CHANGE ON YOUR CAR! Be positive and hope for the best. THIS IS A GREAT LIFE. ENJOY IT NOW!

BTW. that's Daggie in my avatar having fun with a baloon. :wink:

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Guest DaveG


You are so correct. My family doc really cares. The day after I was told the CT Scan revealed something suspicious, I called my family doc. I ended up getting his nurse's voice mail and I left a message explaining the latest. Five minutes later the phone rings. It was not the nurse, but my family doc. He made the call, and didn't have his nurse call. He wanted to hear everything from me, no in between.

I changed oncologists because I didn't feel right with the first one I had. I feel great with the one I have now. I have some hoops and hurdles ahead of me, but I have all the confidence in my medical team.

This is not a good group of people here, THIS IS A GROUP OF THE GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

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