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Lung cancer help!

Guest S.M

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I am 19 and my boyfriend/fiance is the same age as me. We had just planned our engagment and were dreaming about marriage 4 yrs from now when he was diagonsed with Lung cancer. Well we live far from each other as he is studying in another state. He hasnt informed his parents about this disease, the only person who knows abt it is me...I feel frustrated at times and guilty that i should inform his family...but then he threatens to run away! or suicide caz he dont want his family to know this. I dont know what to do...apart from that i wanted to know the doctor said its a minor cancer in his lung very close to heart...my boyfriend tells me that doctor said chemo is not possible the medicines did not work for him and even surgery isnt possible. He doesnt let me speak to the doctor either. Does anyone has something similar? Is there no way at all? It has started to diminsh from one side as he went to live with his mom and his diet was going good finally. I thought maybe it will vanish all together. But its still growing close to heart.M boyfriend thinks it going to get worst. He is totally depressed and taking anti depressants.Can someone help me out?

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Hi S.M..

Sorry you have to be here. Your boyfriend is so young to have this disease. You said he is one state and you are in another. What states are you in. He really needs to tell his mom and dad. This is NOT a disease to mess around with. He needs to get treatment and also needs the support of his family. Just imagine if something happens to him, how heartbroken his parents would be. If you are close to your mom and dad, please go to them and get their help on what to do about you boyfriend. Are your parents and his friends or know each other? Please listen to what I am saying, your boyfriend needs help NOW. I know if this were my child, I would want to know if he or she were sick. Put yourself in your parents position. If they were sick or his, wouldn't you want to know. Don't keep this disease a secret, tell your parents. You said you were planning your wedding and in four years wanted to get married. Think about it. Your fiance needs your help and also his mom and dad's help or you may not be getting married.

If the cancer is at an early stage, it can be Cured. If he waits too long it can advance to a stage where it is not Curable and possibly surgery is not an option. Please listen to what I am saying. I am saying this from a parents point of view. We all love and care about our children and we love you too. You are still a very young adult and don't have all the answers. Thank you for asking for help. We want to help as much as we can. Please ask questions and seriously think about what I have said to you. Please listen and read the answers you will be receiving from others here on this forum. They are only here to help you. Praying for you and your boyfriend...

God Bless


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Hi S.M,

Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I agree with Nancy. This is no time to mess around. Talk to your parents about this now. Talk to your boyfriend and explain to him that his parents need and must know about this now. If he is threatening to run away or suicide, he needs to seek professional help as well. You do not give much information about his diagnoses so it is hard for us to help you? I do not know what the doctor means by minor cancer in his lung? There are a lot of options for your boyfriend to try. You boyfriend also needs to get a second opinion. You boyfriend needs the support of you and his parents. Be pro-active. Research everything about lung cancer. Stay positive and focused. Hope this helps. Peace, take care and God Bless.



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I am writing again. I don tknow much about what kindda cancer it is. Cause he doesnt tell me all that info. All i know is that is located near his heart and Just now he told me that he has been given only 6 months to 1 year. He couldnt have surgery, as a mistake might kill him and the chances of survival were still steep even after surgery...

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