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A message on giving to others...


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I just wanted to share a message that I recieved, or a spiritual lesson I learned from the greatest giver of all "MY MOM!"....

My Mom works so hard giving to needy people at the salvation army.. organizing food and toy drives... and soup kitchen homeless shelters. She works with drug addicts and some that others wouldn't even look at...

One day she found out that someone was reselling the food that she gave them... or possibly even stealing. I went in to help out and said thats terrible! And she and a pastor both said to me at serperate times... We are not here to judge.. alll those who say they need help will get it. It is not up to us to "control" thier actions but rather to love and support them the way Jesus loves us... We can only feel good about supporting and loving each other. You will never lose .. It will all come back to you in the end.


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