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Saturday's Air


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It's an afternoon Air today. My husband and I have been concentrating on not getting on each other's nerves this morning as the evening and morning seemed chock-full of problems. Last night it was the coach again. These d@d things are like boats. Everytime you turn around something is going wrong. It was the hydraulics AND the voltage last night. My husband is a great trouble-shooter and got everything working but still thinks we have a problem in the making.

Then I wanted to go to Walmart and he got off and went to a tractor store (to replace the car trailer crank he bent on the way north). After he got it, he couldn't find a way in to park in Walmart. They had all the entrances blocked for anything over 12 ft. Of course, I had to avoid him then so I wouldn't say "you got your stuff but I didn't get mine." I managed to hold my tongue. He found a Walmart later and all is good. He even bought me my favorite sweet--an apple fritter. I was most concerned to get eye ointment since this eye is driving me nuts. At least I can keep it lubricated til I get it checked out.

Have a great day everyone. I'll keep posting my location in the Fun Forum. For anyone interested, we'll be in south Jersey sometime today. Ellen and Gail and and you guys in King of Prussia and anyone else I missed in the area, maybe I'll have more time the September trip.

Judy in Maryland

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Sorry Randy, we took some funky roundabout route from 95 to 26 at SC to 77 and 81 so we bypassed Raleigh. He decided to do the scenic route instead of hassling the Baltimore/Washington mess on a Friday. Maybe we'll honk on the way back. Depends on the man's mood. You know how that goes guys.

Judy in Pittsgrove, NJ (back in my field)

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If YA went 77 that's even closer to Me!!! Did Ya see Winston Salem Signs???? :wink::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Safe and Happy Travels Judy up and down the Highways and By ways of America!!! :):):)

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