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Visit with my Dad and update on him

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Hi everyone!

We drove up to see Dad for Father's Day and stayed the week at my parents house. We had a great visit! He sleeps alot, can barely get around and says he feels bad but he's making it. I went to a doctor's appt. with him on Thursday. He was anemic so they gave him a tranfusion the next day in prep for his chemo yesterday. He can barely walk 4 steps without having to catch his breath. He's so stubborn....he's got a wheelchair and oxygen but doesn't want to be seen using either! Crazy, huh? He drives my Mother batty with his pride sometimes. He goes for a PET scan 7/10 and then a followup on 7/16 to review the results. We're all staying positive for good results.

Here's a picture we took. He looks like he's aged alot in the last 3 months. He still has his hair though, as crazy as it might look! :wink:

Hope everyone is doing good!


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The transfusion will help the energy level some. Eat lots of Red foods and green veggies. Helps keep the body replenished for the white and red Blood cells!!!

Keep an eye on the Shortness of breath. If he starts feeling like he is having a heart attack head for Er because it could be fluid around heart or Lungs!!!

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Hi Kristi. I am glad you were able to get away and visit with your dad. His stubborness does have an up side as well though. It helps him fight, we all want to be in control of as much as we can, because alot of this we cannot control.

Randy is right though. He does need to be monitored closely and brought in for medical attention if need be.

I am sending my prayers for good results. Take care


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I know what you mean about being stubborn. My husband also keeps taking off the oxygen, doesn't want to use the walker and we battle over having to use the wheelchair on doctor days. He also has a hospital bed yet refuses to sleep in it. He sleeps in a reclining chair.

He too was diagnosed in 3-09 with NSSLC and is having a verry difficult time.

I'm glad that you got to visit your dad and you'll be in my prayers. Let us know how things go ok?


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I am so glad you had a wonderful visit with your dad.

And yes, being stubborn will truly help him on this journey. I have been told I am extremely stubborn :shock: - I refuse to let the cancer get the best of me!!!

Hope the scan results are great - keep us posted!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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