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Too Young


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Hello Friends,

I'm up early this morning to work on an obituary for a friend who died far too young. Her name was Debbie and she and her huband and son attend the same church I do. On July 9th she had surgery to remove her gallbladder, but when they opened her up they discovered that she was full of tumors. She was sent to the Cancer Center at UAB where they did more surgery and confirmed that she had signet cell carcinoma, but they weren't exactly sure where it came from. Her liver was heavily compromised, however so they wanted to start chemo right away. She had her first treatment last Friday and was admitted to the hospital that night for a blood transfusion. She never left.

I visited with her several times over the last week. A week ago Thursday we discussed her upcoming chemo treatment and what to expect. It seemed to comfort her when I told her that mom had found chemo not to be nearly as bad as she had feared. Unfortunately her chemo never got a chance to work. I saw her in the hospital Wednesday night and then sat with her for a few hours on Thursday so her husband and family could have dinner together at the church. She passed away a few hours later.

She was only 44 and leaves a 4 year-old son and husband. She had a beautiful singing voice and was active in our choir and several other choirs in the area.

As someone who lives in cancer world, I've becomed accustomed to the ups and downs of the roller coaster. We knew from the outset that Debbie's cancer was extensive and was probably terminal, but she didn't even get a chance to fight it. Six months or even a year would have made such a difference to how much her son would remember her. Even if she had been sick, she would have still been there with him.

She's only 44 and now I'm writing her obituary.



ps--I knew y'all would understand. Thanks.

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Susan, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. My condolences to you and her family. That poor little boy. It just reminds me that fighting this awful disease at age 65 is nothing compared to the experience of people with young children. May you find peace in your faith in the coming days.

Judy in Key West

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I know How ya feel... My thoughts Prayers and Condolences to the Family. If they need us we are here Ya know....

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