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Morning all. We're on the move again. My husband finished the first job this morning. I still wake up every morning withswollen eyes (both this morning) and sinus headaches. I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself. After all, I just got through the posts since my last visit and talked to people who are really suffering. We'll be in Indiana in four or five hours. My SIL and BIL (not my favorite people) live there. My husband has been doing this work for at least forty years and holidays are when foundaries shut down so his work is concentrated in those times. So, for the most part I've celebrated without him or, like now, go with him and mostly sit in the coach while he works. I love firewords and am just hoping I catch a glimpse of them from wherever we are.

Have a great day all.

Judy in Tiffin, OH

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Hey Bruce, good to "see" you. I will never make jokes about Yellowknife or the farrm being in the boonies again. I'm in a campground in Rochester IN. It's really pretty--or would be if it weren't pouring rain. But we drove and drove and drove through field after field. The last mile of road wasn't paved and Directv doesn't have a sattelite within miles of this place. But look, my trusty AT&T mobile internet and comcast server haven't failed me.

Something funny happened on the way to the campground. Think I'll post it as the joke it was.

Happy Fourth everyone with no fireworks here in this rain.

Judy in Key West

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I swear I am gonna have to find myself some buffalo if ya'll keep talking about them. LOL Anyways, fireworks over and so is my "fun" I think I am not going to like myself come morning time and I will probably even have to call neighbors and apologize for my craziness. Thats okay though I still had fun "too much".

Alright well Judy I am trying so hard not to make any errors that this is taking me a while to write but we had enough fireworks and partying here for you and I toasted about 3 of my drinks just for you is that ok? The other 4 or 5 were ALL mine!! :twisted:


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