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Dumb A## City Slickers


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This is a true story and my husband and I are the butt of the joke but it's too good to keep.

We're not really city slickers but am sure that's how we looked to the two good old boys as we pulled over to the curb in the little town of Rochester IN in our 40 foot Country Coach. You can't just roll down the window and ask directions in one of these things so I swung open the side door so my husband could talk to them. He and the one guy were discussing how to get where we needed to go when the guy in the background said in a kind of low voice, "won't the GPS get you there?" There it was with a black screen right in full view on the dashboard. I started to laugh immediately and replied "ya think that might be a good idea?" Duh. We turned the first corner before we pulled over again and punched in the address of the campground where we were headed. Two days ago, a campground owner had told us not to bother using our GPS because it would only get us to within three miles of them. For the next couple of days we just seemed to forget we had it, asking directions several times. How dumb is that!

Well ladies, at least I have a man that WILL ask directions even if he doesn't need to.

Judy in Rochester, IN

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