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Moderators, Senior Members, Mentors...heads up


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It's been an especially difficult time online lately...the posts are cautious and aside from the new members, our membership is off on the sidelines, injured and licking it's wounds...

I need you.

This is the LCSC Rally cry... (If you ever played highschool football, or been a cheerleader, you know what I mean here!) LOL...

I need you, my support folks, to jump start your forums, pump hope and energy into your forums with posts and replies.

If you can't come up with original threads that's ok...just inject hope into your replies.

Every bit helps...and we need to energize the boards with your replies.

Let's turn this boat around...

Hope floats.



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Thank Ann,

I'm asking for everyone to help out in all the other forums as well. We can inject hope in all the forums, encourage members and newer members to post and offer hope along their journey.

Bringing HOPE back to the LCSC...It never left..but it's been quiet and so many are in desperate need of it.

Hugs everyone!!

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