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Dermatologist / Tarceva Expert


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Hi everyone,

Recently have the opportunity to learn about a Dermatologist who is an expert in treating tarceva skin rash.

Would anyone be interested in having either a live chat with this doctor or have an online Q & A where he will answer your posted questions?

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Guest Windsongs

What a great opportunity!

Personally I have been on Tarceva now (for about three weeks total so far) and have not encountered severe side effects. My rash is just on my face and not too badly I might say. I am very thankful.

But as we know the side effects can pop up or get better or worse at any point in time so YES I would love a Q and A set up if possible.

Thanks so much for this Katie.



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Katie, I'm not even on Tarceva but would be very interested in sitting in and reading the Q&A. I told you when we met that I'm scared to death of Tarceva. It sounds like some people have it bad enough that they say they don't even want to go out in public. But taking a pill vs IV chemo, I'd have to try it if it were offered to me.

Judy in Key West

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Katie, is that Dr. Mario LaCouture at Northwestern University? He's definitely an authority on managing the skin-related side effects of cancer treatments. The only thing better would be to have a second person as well qualified. I vote YES, whoever it is.


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This expert is upon recommendation of the President of LUNGevity, Jill Feldman. She is currently on Tarceva and experienced some severe rash/effects and this expert has helped her tremendously.

I promised her I'd ask the members here if you guys would be interested before we set something up with him.

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