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New Game - Yum or Yuck


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OK....Here are the rules:

You post a food. The person after you will say either:




and post another food.

OK? I'll start:

~Vegetable Soup~

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That's a definite YUM, Randy. Anything made of chocolate has to have a high YUM factor !!!

Now....back to the tofu. Tofu is wonderful and it does have taste. Properly seasoned, it can taste like just about anything you want to spice it up to taste like.....well not everything. I don't think I could season tofu to make it taste like squirrel!!!

Frog Legs

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Oh that's a BIG YUCK! Thanks to the fabulous grocery stores and farmers markets in my area, I have not been reduced to eating reptiles, rodents or other undesireables. What were those French thinking when they started cookin' that up? 2187_sick.gif2187_sick.gif2187_sick.gif2187_sick.gif

Bri Cheese

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and yes we do serve it. our recipe is secret and has been attempted to be recreated online for the public Sis!!!


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