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Bill's Chest./Neck Scans Taken Yesterday


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I was going to wait a while before posting this, but what the .... Bill's scans from yesterday were faxed to the oncologist today while we were at the Cancer Center. The news wasn't good.

The shoulder is pretty much the same, the lungs also, but the neck node is growing, plus new nodes presenting in that area.

That ends the navelbine, and the Tarceva. No infusion was given today (was to be the third in a series of three for this round with next week off).

However, next week Bill will be starting taxotere. He has never had that drug, and the oncologist said that was about it for options.

I asked him about Zactima. I told him it was in advanced trials and there was some hope for it to be approved "soon." They had done some trials pairing it with taxtotere. It was for late-stage NSCLC. He didn't seem to know.

Regarding Bill's fluid strip (brain), it had definitely shrunk. That was good to hear. But, I asked the doctor if it might be a good idea for a scan of the brain.

Bill hasn't had one in many months, and the neurologist had told me that if Bill found himself searching for a word - a scan should be done. It hasn't occurred frequently, but every now and again, a word is lost. So ...

He sent Bill to the lab to check his kidneys to see if he would be up for the dye.

I don't know what to say, except that along with everyone else here, I hate cancer, and wish there were a cure.

In fact, just having something that would keep it under control for very long periods would be a huge blessing.

Praying for all of us, each and everyone who is dealing with this nemesis: May we never lose our resolve to not let it crush us. May we remain strong. Amen.


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Oh (((Barbara))) ~ this whole darn journey is something none of us would wish on our very worst enemy. I got nothing to really lift you up this morning and I'm sorry about that. The other day I laid down my sword. Well, I've got it picked back up now just looking for SOMETHING to pierce. Too bad for us that LC seems to be able to weave and bob around it. I've got you and Bill in thoughts and prayers. I only wish there were more I could offer. Remember PA is close by. And I travel. Just say the word for any help. Maybe doing something physical, like traveling to NJ, would make me feel like I was actually doing something. And may the brain be good.


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Barbara, I am so sorry but if I read your post just so, I can view it as a mixed bag. I hope this is the chemo that does the trick on those darn nodes. And as far as the losing words, honey I've done that on more than one occasion and my last MRI was fine. Please know you and Bill are in my thoughts and do keep us all posted.

Judy in Key West

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Damn!!!! One more not-so-good scan around here!!! (mine was bad, too). Its time we all raise up and beat the crap out of cancer !!!

Seriously, I hate that you and Bill are going through this - I am feeling the same way. Its just so devastating and so unfair!!!

I will be put on Taxotere if and when the Gemzar they switched me to last week fails. I was on it originally for a while with my original triplet of Carbol and Avastin when I had an allergic reaction to the Taxol. AND - I have heard good things about it being used solo down the road.

Give Bill an big hug from me and please take good care of yourself. We are all here rooting for you both.

Hugs - Patti B.

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I'm very sorry to read the bad news. Hopefully this new line will work. Knowing you, you'll find something else before the doctor does. I admire how proactive you are with Bill's treatment, and all the treatment options available to LC patients.

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May we remain strong for sure Barb. I am so sorry about the latest news. We have had too much bad news here lately.

As always I am sending my prayers for you and Bill. Hoping and praying hard that taxotere does it's job.

This is such a difficult journey. Thank goodness we have this site and all our friends here to hold us up during hard times.

Take good care


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(((Barbara & Bill))) - sorry to read this. You know that you are both in my prayers and I hope the taxotere is the magic bullet. I am so with you - I HATE cancer and pray for a cure every day.

Take care and many hugs coming your way,


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Thank you all for your caring words. Believe me, they have helped. I'm ready to do battle with this.

Today, Bill and I (although we hired a lawn company this year) went out and trimmed a huge hedge on the property. We were exhausted as we worked, and found ourselves taking many breaks. But, we felt as though something "normal" had occurred. It was the way we used to work together. : )

I think the hedge was symbolic of something.

Kasey, you are always welcome at our home here in Bogota (not South America). LOL

Everyone here has given me support, and to me, that is so valuable. I don't feel alone, and realize that when I receive a boost, prayers, support, encouragement, I pass it on to Bill, and he always feels much better. We're winners all 'round.

He came upstairs to ask me if the outside lights were on. They weren't all on, so I guess a bulb blew out.

Oh well, another job for tomorrow. We aren't going out to fix it tonight - just too dark out there.

Thank you, each and all, for being "you." Youse are wonderful.


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Dear B & B,

Yeah, doing something normal is good. I come home and water the garden and look for fresh peas. Trimming the hedge - not sure what the metaphor is, but hope it works. I know when I am pulling weeds, I feel like I am eradicating something evil. If only cancer were as easy. Hmm, I guess weeds aren't that easy either.

Take care of yourselves. Hugs.

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glad to hear Your living Life right now. Hope the news and the treatment go well and sending prayers!!!

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(((Barb & Bill))),

The two of you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers . Bill's latest scan results are not what any of us wanted to hear. The two of you have such a wonderful way of rallying together , moving forward and not dwelling so much on the past. Your story about trimming the hedge reminded me of the way my hubby and I used to be. We tackled most household projects together and then sat back and admired our handiwork later. I'm so glad you were able to do that . It's that attitude and determination that sets you apart from so many people. When I read about it, I smile, I cry and I just sit here and say " Go Barb and Bill".

As for the newest treatment option, Taxotere, I will be continuing to pray for both of you . Many members have had good results and shrinkage with it. Mike was doing very well with it before he developed vena cava syndrome. Every case is different, but Taxotere seems to produce results for many. It has been a while, but isn't that the one that can affect your nails? I seem to recall that Mike had to take the B vitamins ( can't remember which) and I painted his finger and toe nails with nail hardener. He never had problems with his nails, but I have heard that some people do.

Please keep us informed. I'm sorry I'm late responding, but I thought I had posted. I did read it and I am praying for you always.

Hugs & Prayers,


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