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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All. Ann, wish I'd come on and opened the Air when I got up at 5:30 am. I wanted to beat you on. Don't think I did. Didn't I see something by you at 6:30?

We drove almost 12 hours yesterday and the narrow unpaved miles into this place was so scary. When we got off the main highway, I told my husband the sign to the camp said turn left. He decided to listen to the lady in the little box (now he decides to use the GPS). That sign to the left was there for a reason--a better route into Bucktail Camping Resort. Most of you know I'm a nature love but wasn't thrilled when a neighbor told him they had a bear that visits.

Will check in later.

Judy in Manfield PA

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No, Judy. I definitely wasn't online before you this morning. I didn't even get into the office until 10:00 today. I made an 8:00 follow up appointment for my son, thinking we would be in and out and I wouldn't be too late for work. Well, it was just the opposite. I'm beginning to think that doctors and their staff feel that if they keep you there longer, you will feel as if your got your $$$$ worth. The first part, removing cast, checking the pins in his hand and x-rays went fast. Waiting on the doctor to come in was a bit of waiting but once he got in, it was..."looks good.....take pins out in 3 more weeks....watch for signs of infection.....and we're putting a new cast back on today." From that point, it took forever for the girl to come in and put on the new cast.

So, as you can see, I definitely needed to have "Air" waiting on me this morning.

Oldest Son and DIL are celebrating their anniversary today, so Nana is babysitting tonight so they can have a nice dinner and a couple glasses of wine. I really hope they have a nice, relaxing evening after this hectic moving experience.

Hope life is "better than better" in your little corner of the world.

PS....Judy, have I told you lately how much I appreciate your "Air" every morning??? Also, thanks to all that post here and share a little bit of yourselves with all of us!!!

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Ann, I'm so glad to help you out with an Air. I hate hate hate waiting in doctor's offices and expect to do it myself this week.

Bad news is--still stuck in the coach with no car (and no husband); after I'd done all the prep work to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors, couldn't find the wet sheets for the swiffer; took an overdue insurance bill to the campsite office and it won't go out until tomorrow; got a bill from MDACC that Medicare AND my supplemental insurance didn't pay and it's more than they paid and more than I can pay; and after a call to a tech at DTV and futzing with the satellite and DTV box, still don't have TV. The good news is I met a nice 78-year-old-lady on the way back from the campsite office (lady there not so friendly) and yaked the longest time with Joanie and a maintenance man lol. Hey, you get your fun where you can. It was nice.

I'm going to rest and try to make meatballs for my husband for dinner. Since I did manage to mop the floors after tearing apart and putting back together four closet shelves before giving up on the wet swiffer sheets, I hope I have the energy later even after a rest.

Judy in Bucktail Family Fun Park Camping Resort (really the name)

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Good morning everyone.

Hey there Judy in Bucktail Family Fun Park Camping Resort. Glad you found some fun people to talk to. You can make fun anywhere girl. Get some rest now. And those meatballs sure sound good, I haven't had home made meatballs in years. I can just about smell them!

Geesh Anne. Sounds like you need a rest too. You are one busy lady and it sounds like your evening will be busy as well. Have fun with the grandkids.

I am feeling much better today. Had a bad "pain" day yesterday. I am possibly going to be participating in a clinical trial re pain mgmt. I am in the screening phase right now which involves phoning in every night and answering various questions about my pain during the day. I hope I get in and that I don't get the placebo as I am willing to try anything.

I am hanging out at home today and off for a Zometa treatment later. My son is at his camp this morning. My teenage daughter is showing stronger teenage tendencies and is off to the mall with her possy of friends. I did manage to go shopping with her on Monday though. She still needs mom for some things.

It rained her all night and we need it. We were going to go to a ball game last night but the rain prevented that. Oh well, I wasn't feeling that great anyways so we rented a movie instead.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Sandra, so glad you are feeling better but hope you get in that trial. It's a bummer to have so much pain all the time. I'm also glad you got rain. We know in FL what it's like when it gets so dry. Of course now the FL mainland has so much rain they have to mow lawns twice a week. Right Ann? But you'll be busy with those little ones tonight. Girl, how do you get up and go to work in the morning!

No meatballs. I looked all over for bread crumbs and we didn't bring any. Found out when my husband came home that he already knew it and cooked up the meat in the wee hours of the morning when I was sleeping. So we'll have pasta with meat sauce. The man gets up with the chickens and you never know what he's going to do when I'm sleeping.

I did so much and am so beat I turned down the chance to go to town tonight. Can't believe it but that's what happens. Tomorrow morning when we go for labs will be soon enough. Then we'll go shopping.

Judy in Mansfield, PA

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Glad you are feeling better today, Sandra. I had to smile when I read your comment about the teenagers still needing mom for some things. You know, that's still the case when they're all grown up and raising babies of their own. But, it helps us always to feel needed.

Judy, sorry to hear about the insurance problems. I absolutely hate dealing with insurance companies. They're so fast to take your payments and so fast to send cancellation notices if you're a day late but they sure can think of every tactic in the world to keep from paying a claim. You must be feeling pretty darned "zippy" today....all that housework and meatballs, too!!

Hey...I have a Swiffer but would have no idea where to find my wet wipes either. Maybe if I used mine more often, I would have a clue where to look.

Oh well, it's pouring the rain here. Typical Florida summer day!!!

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Good Evening, Friends!

Whew! It's been another scorcher. At least it was my last full day at work for a couple weeks. Should board the boat around 10:00 tomorrow and be on dirt by 3:00. Five hours in the truck should put me home about 8P tomorrow night. Early enough to visit with the wife a bit at the EMS station, then get home and get a good night's rest before starting on my "Honey-Do" list Friday morning. Got a ton to do these two weeks. Besides seeing a gastro interologist for the nonspecific hypermetabolic activity in my stomach wall on my last PET, I have a shade shed to build over the new 24' above ground pool, 12 yards of topsoil to distribute in holes and ruts in my yard, base board, crown molding and door and window trim to put in three rooms, a desk, gun cabinet and book shelves to build, salt water pool treatment system to install and kick start, and some plumbing to do on the pool pump. Of course there's always the three or four unexpected house hold appliance failures that someone in the family will have and I'll need to fix. Then I need to figure out when registration is for fall classes at the tech college, 'cause I am planning to try again to tackle 18 credit hours split between drafting and machine tool technology. Oh yea, I'll drive Pat to the doctor a time or two in the next two weeks. And there's my Paw Paw assginments. :D There's grass to be mowed and Billie, my semi pet squirrel to find, 'cause she's been missing for about five days and the last time she was seen she had blood on her nose. I'm sure I'm temporarily forgetting a thing or three but I'm sure I'll remember when I need to. So y'all don't get excited if you don't see my mug around here for a while. I'll just be livin' LARGE. Hugs all around, my Friends. Will holla when I can.

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