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Navelbine and Platinol


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I am new on here and mainly read for support,as I am not doing well enough to be of support to anyone right now. but now I need some input. NSCLC URL removed may 6 09 Port put in juggler monday. Start chemo of Navelbine and Platinol on 07/13/09. My question is....I am having it EVERY week for 16 weeks. I have read and read and can't find anyone who has had it everyweek. Has anyone on here??

Thank you.


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Welcome to the site. Glad you found us but sorry you have the need to. Don't worry too much about not being able to give out support right now - we will try to help you along the way as much as possible.

Unfortunately, I never had surgery so I truly don't know if they do chemo differently or not after that. But I was just taken off Navelbine and I got it every week for three weeks and then off one week. I have heard of people getting it more and some people getting it on two weeks, off two weeks.

Hopefully, other members will come along soon who may have some better answers for you.

In the meantime, good luck, keep us posted and please come here with any other questions you may have or if you just need to vent.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Kathi,

I'm sorry you have to be here, but glad you found us. I had SCLC, as you can see in my signature what my treatment was. I had an upper left lobectomy, the old fashioned way, a 9 inch incision from my side across my back. Then I did chemo, but I did 3 days on, 3 weeks off. I always thought the schedule was based on the chemo drug and the type of cancer and the condition of the patient. Not sure. I would go to www.cancergrace.org and ask the doc's there.


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Hi Kathi and welcome to this site. I am sorry you need to be here but it is a great place for information and support. I am currently on navalbine, 2 weeks on and 1 week off for 4 cycles and then a scan to see if it is working. It seems that there are many different chemo regimens even with the same drug and the dosage is probably different as well. And I am sure there are reasons for the differences as well as success with all. You should go to cancergrace and ask your question to Dr. West.

Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing. If you are not doing well we are here to help you along. We have all had our down periods. Take care


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the above mentioned Cancer Grace link is for our in house oncologist, Dr. West. HE works in Seattle at the Swedish institute and volunteers his time to answer our questions also. Many of our members have dual membership here and there also!!

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Thank you all for your kind words and replies.

i will go there and ask. And just so you know...I have the Shark bite too. I was told I would have about a two inch scar.....hahahahahah. I guess mine was considered the old fashioned kind also.

I know all treatments are different, as we are all different. Just thought it seemed really radical.

I'll keep you all posted. Thank you again.

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Kathi, welcome aboard the site no one wants to have to be on. Hope you get your answers at cancergrace. I'll try to pop in there and check. It sounds pretty agressive to me also, but I don't know enough about chemo schedules to judge.

Read and post when you want, or not. This is definitely the place to get moral support and much information on survivor skills. Let us know how you are doing.

Judy in Key West

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