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My day out yesterday wiped me out. At 7 pm, I had to lay down for a little. Didn't sleep but had to close my eyes. Couldn't even go out and visit with the neighbors. Went to bed late and tossed and turned. When I finally went to sleep, I kept waking up every couple of hours all night. Gave up at 6am.

My oncolgist appointment is today. A couple of nurses poked around my port yesterday and kept exclaiming how deep it was. I urged them to go ahead and take blood from my arm. They did and the one nurse said they'd deal with the port on Monday. Doesn't inspire confidence! I usually get my lab report the same day but not here. Am looking forward to seeing it. My white count has been way up 9+ but last time my RBC was a little low but my platlets were up.

I'm a little self-absorbed right now. This will be the first time I've had an infusion away from MDACC. It's a little disconcerting particularly since they are not familiar with the Power Port. My daughter said tell them Wendy said relax, it's not hard like they think. I hope!

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Sorry you had such a rough night , Judy. It always seems that when I really want/need to sleep is when I have the hardest time falling asleep. I can only imagine how "concerned" you must be about having care at someplace other than MDACC. In my book, MDACC is the best! When Dennis was there, I always felt very confident that he was getting the best care and treatment available. I'm sure this will all go well for you...just a new experience being somewhere new.

So very happy today is Friday! I think you all know that I absolutely live for Fridays and love my weekends. Usually we close the office at 3:30 on Friday and I hope today is no exception. I have a crazy, but fun, weekend lined up. Tomorrow, we're watching the babies from 8-2 while Mom and Dad go back to the old house and have a garage sale. They left everything that they weren't using there when they moved and decided to have a garage sale and then donate whatever doesn't sell. Weather permitting, we are going with friends to Cocoa Beach late tomorrow afternoon for dinner and to hopefully see the final night launch of the space shuttle. We usually just watch from our front yard but we decided to get a bit closer this time. I doubt the shuttle will launch because of the weather we've been having. But...we should know in plenty of time and save ourselves the drive.

Hope everyone is all geared up for a great weekend in your littel corner of the world!!!


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Hi everyone.

Sorry about your rough night Judy and your worries over having chemo in a new place. I would be nervous as well, but I am sure all will be ok.

Your weekend sounds great Ann.

Our summer weather has returned...hot, hot, hot! Will maybe take the kids to the beach this afternoon.

Happy Friday everyone!


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Good to see you on the Air today Ann, Sandra and Dana. Hope each of you has a fun-filled weekend.

OMG, my husband and I got back to the park this evening and the place is hopping. Bucktail's Family Camp and Resort must be the place to be on weekends. The park is packed with tents, popups and other campers and lots and lots of pick-up trucks. They were playing music on the loudspeaker and all the older folk were headed up to the pavillion to play bingo. And kids--you should see the stuff they have for kids. An old fashioned playground with a wooden fort, a pool, miniture golf, basketball, train ride, carosel, game room, paintball and who knows what all else. There are tons of kids here of all ages. I hope we get back here next year with our grandson.

We were late coming back because after my oncs apptmt they asked if I wanted to stay and have my chemo instead of coming back on Monday. I said yahoo. Not only do I have it out of the way and don't have to make a 3rd 40 min drive to Corning, but I avoided all that anxiety. I was worried about the port because they hadn't seemed comfortable with it. The nurse who did it, however, was the second one who looked at it yesterday but didn't want to access it for my labs. I think she just wanted the other younger nurse to do the labs because she stuck me once and did just fine today. We stopped and had a fabulous dinner and I'm all set to begin fighting the dread constipation tomorrow. Oh and the onc looked at my eyes and confirmed allergies. She offered to write me a script for something for them and I can't wait to pick it up at Walmart tomorrow. Yes, Miss Daisy is venturing out alone with the car tomorrow. The "good" road out of here isn't so great so you all keep your fingers crossed for me. I have to concentrate on watching the road and not the bunnies.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Glad to hear everything went well for you today and that your anxities are over and your 1st chemo done. Now you can enjoy your weekend and your adventure to Walmart:)

My husband will be gone this weekend riding in a Bike MS ride. Hope it does not rain for them. 50 or 75 miles for each day. I give hime a lot of credit. 62 years old and will still tackle this kind of stuff. I will be hanging out with my daughter Lisa and going to a local Art Fair.

Barb VH

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