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Congratulations to some of our MEMBERS!!!


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This is something we used to do rather often, thanks to Don Wood, to recognize our more active members, but we haven't done it in a long while, because this is the first post, it will be made this way.

In future posts I will recognize each member individually as they past their post milestones! If I've left someone out please don't take it personally, please send me a private message and I will correct and add to the list.

Just want to give a warm cyber hug and a big thank you for everyone here.

Your posts touch us, support and encourage us. That's what makes LCSC so great.


Reached 8500 +Posts

RY , Rochelle joined LCSC on Jan. 1, 2003 and is one of our very first original members of LCSC. She has been a wonderful support and advocate to all our members here and has taken her fight against LC to a new level in creating her own walk benefiting LUNGevity. "Michigan's Walk the Walk this year. Congratulations on 8603 posts!

Reached 6500+ posts

Ann, Ann has also been with us from the beginning! She has been a rock and strong support of all our members with kind words of wisdom mixed with a sense of laughter and joy. Ann remembers to make us laugh, and for that moment anyway, we forget about the seriousness surrounding us. Laugher can sometimes be the best medicene. Congratulations on almost 7,000 posts.

Maryanne joined LCSC on Jan 8, 2005. She has been a wonderful friend and strong advocate for her husband Joel, a lung cancer survivor. She participates in the Heather Saler walk in NJ and we have been blessed by her support and encouragement and friendship. You are a gem! Congratulations on almost 6500 posts.

RandyW, Randy joined LCSC on Jan. 27, 2005. He has been a caregiver and a wonderful support and advocate bringing us encouragement and news and information. Randy was also LCSC longest chat moderator consistently holding general chats each Tuesday for our members. Thanks for being here Randy!. Congratulations on 6537 posts!!

Reached 5,000+ posts

Dadstimeon Rich has been with us almost from the beginning. He joined July 15, 2003. As a stage IV survivor, he has been a huge inspiration to so many and has proven that determination and attitude make a difference in the fight against LC. He has been a wonderful source of information and support and friendship. Congratulations on 5,868 posts!!

Connie B Connie has been with LCSC since the beginning, joining Jan. 15, 2003. As a 14 yr. LC survivor, Connie has taught us about endurance and support and has encouraged us all during this journey. She has proven time and again, no matter what the odds are, her cancer or her heart issues, they can be beat! You are SUPER! Congratulations on 5,607 posts!!

Kasey Kasey joined LCSC on Nov. 12, 1004. After being a "lurker", Kasey came out and joined the LCSC family and has been a fountain of love, support and encouragement. She has touched so many folks and is an inspiration and friend to us all. Congratulations on 5,287 posts!

Ginnyde Ginny joined LCSC on Oct 7, 2003. She has been a constant presence and support and friend to our members! Congratulations on 5008 posts!! Thank you for being here.

Reached 4,000 + posts

snowflake Becky joined LCSC June 11, 2003 and has been with us since the beginning. She is a 6 yr. LC survivor and her quick wit and humor and wisdom has helped so many of us along this journey! Congratulations on 4,510 posts!! You are GREAT!

Reached 3,000+ posts

Andrea Andrea has been with LCSC since our first year, joining Dec 9, 2003- Andrea is a fierce advocate for both of her parents who are both LC survivors and supports and encourages others to advocate and support LC awareness and research efforts. We are lucky to have you advocating for us! Congratulations on 3,638 posts!!!!!

Donna G Donna has been with LCSC since the beginning joining Jan 9, 2003. Donna is a wonderful friend and a sweet support to so many members and as an 11 year LC survivor she is an inspiration to us all! Congratulations on 3,350 posts!! Thank you for continuing to be here!

tnmynatt Tina joined LCSC June 6, 2004 she's been a great friend and supports LC locally with the Breath of Life Support Foundation, Inc. She was a wonderful advocate for her husband Charlie and advocates for all of us now. Thank you and congratulations on over 3,000 posts!!!

Reached 1,500 + posts

Sandra L Sandra joined LCSC Nov. 19, 2007 and is a LC Survivor! She has been a sweet friend and support to many of us and continues to be an inspiration to us all. Congratuations on 2,251 posts! You are wonderful!

Patti B Patti joined LCSC Oct. 8, 2007 and is a LC survivor! She has become a great friend and support to so many members. Lean on us Patti and let us be that supportive friend to you right now. Congratulations on 2,688 posts and here's to so many many more.

Jaminkw, Judy joined on Dec. 28,2007 and has just passed the 1900 mark! WOW that's 1906 posts you've made about lc, in support, encouragement and friendship, inspiration and laughter to so many others. Congratulations!! You are awesome!

Flyman35, Denise joined Mar. 30, 2008 and she just passed the 1500 mark! 1501 posts ! You challenge us all to HOPE and pray and smile. Congratulations!! You rock!

Wendy from central MN joined LCSC in August 2004. You have almost 1500 posts! 1,499 posts!! Just one more!! Wendy is sweet and kind and has always been a great support to others. We are here for you Wendy! Let us give some of that back to you!! Congratulations on almost 1500 posts! You are wonderful!!

Reached 1,000+ posts

Barb73 , Barb joined LCSC Mar. 16, 2008 and has just surpassed the 1,000 mark!! Barb is a fierce advocate and a wealth of information. We value your strength and dedication Barb!! Thank you so much and congratulations on 1105 posts!! You are fantastic!

Reached 500+ posts

Bruce U , Bruce has almost reached the 700 mark in postings. He's been a chat moderator in the past and a great friend to so many (women) LOL...ok, I will give him a break since he is clearly outnumbered here. He's been an inspiration, a great encourager and barrel of laughs. Congratulations! Here's to many more.

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Wow, Katie !!! We really have some very special people here on our MB. I hope that everyone that posts realizes how much they mean in the lives of others. Every day, there are those of us that look forward to turning on the computer and reading the words of a friend from the MB.

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My hands are together for all of you who give so much to all of us who need so much. I know that I get up everyday and look forward to Ann and Judy's posts to get my day going. Many of those days I just read and ponder and lurk but I do appreciate all that everyone is doing for all of us. And then again a huge hand to Katie for keeping everyone going and recognizing what all are doing.


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I saw them randy!! they look great! Don has been emailing and he friended me on FB and everything is going well with him and his new wife and their families.

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I would like to thank you, Katie, for your dedication to LUNGevity.

Our days have been enriched by your efforts.

Sometimes, when I am taken up with the various obligations that confront us with this disease, I feel more secure in knowing this oasis, this harbor of retreat is here.

There are no words to express my gratitude to you and everyone who has contributed information, support and caring - all those mentioned above and many more.

I love you all dearly - though I have never been in your actual physical space. Virtually, we have been holding hands through this journey.

Thank you.


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Thank you Katie for taking the time to recognize so many great folks that offered there love & support to so many wonderful people over the years.

I was going down memory lane here the other day in the LC SURVIVORS forum, the thread "CALLING ALL LC SURVIVORS!. In that thread when I was reading over so many wonderful messages from those that some are still with us, but most of them are gone, it brought tears to my eyes.

I also remember some of these people along with myself, who were apart of this Message Board before it became LCSC. I have really been apart of this board since 1999 (had a different name back then), as have many others, but most of them are no longer with us. I have seen many many many people come and go over the years. It's hard to believe I have been here for 10 years and some of you maybe here that long too. I know David P has been apart of this Board for 10 years and he is a 33 year LC Survivor (dx. @ age 19) and still doing well today. He pops in here now and then. Another friend I met here is Just Rich who also is still battling LC and he is a 22 year survivor. I am still in contact with him.

I miss our friends who have passed. Those on this board, and those of my friends in my In Person LC Support Group.

I went through a period in my life after I lost my son in 2000, and at that time I was losing LC friends left & right, both from the Boards, and from my In Person LC Support Group that put my life into a tailspin. I was bouncing off the walls and didn't know which way to go and how to deal with all these horrible losses that had been ruling my life. I went through so many ups and downs emotionally and with the help of some of the members on this Board and through almost 3 years of counceling I started to piece my life back together. But I couldn't have done that without the friend I made here at LCSC. I somehow pulled through. But I never forget to stop and go back and remember my old friends here on LCSC. I have made some wonderful friends along this journey, and SO many people have stayed by my side through the ups and downs of my lifes situations. I thank them and they know who they are.

This was a very nice thread Katie, thanks for sharing it. I have fond and warm memories of so many great people.

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Thank you Katie. First for all the hard work and commitment that you and Rick do and have. Second for recognizing us "old" (only in length of time) members.

I don't have much to offer anymore, it will be 5 years in August since Earl died. So I am not much up to date on the strides they are making in lc.

But, my good friend has just be dx'd with LC with BAC. Her head is in the sand and she is pretending it is just a bump in the road and we all pray that it is. She started Tarceva yesterday.

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To our Katie,

This was a welcome surprise! Thank you Kaite of acknowledging all of our us "oldies" who have been here through so many ups and downs.

But it is this site that has saved so many lives with the knowedge that so many of our members have with the experiences we have gone through being the victim of this herendous disease or a caretaker.

I don't know what I would have done without this site. You have created this site for the love of your beloved dad, Jesse and he is so proud of all you have accomplished along with your beautiful mom. I know they look down upon you with great admiration and love

Thank you Katie for the acknowledgement as it must have taken some time to get that information together. . .but you my dear are the GEM! Of course along with Rick.

Love ya,

Maryanne :wink:

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----> Added a few more that I didn't have on my original list...!!

I was trying to catch folks at the thousandth mark so some of you that are like 1750 or an inbetween sort of post count I will catch you and thank you once you reach a rounded #. You've not been forgotten.

HUGS to all of you!!!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!


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