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Cancer is back--topotecan


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Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you for any advice you have about the chemo Topotecan. My moms small cell has returned and this will be her new chemo. The doc actually told her that her hair will not fall out. However this is not what the paperwork shows. Mom's hair just grew back and now, aside from having cancer again, she's upset about losing her hair again.

Well, anyway, we are just now processing the news. Disappointed of course, but I just want to give mom some advice from you all and maybe some good news.

Thanks. Connie

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I too know nothing about that chemo - but have heard of it through others here and am sure that they will be around soon to tell you more details about it.

I can absolutely understand her not wanting to lose her hair again - pretty devastating for most of us girls.

Want you to know that I will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Give mom a hug from me.

Patti B.

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Hi Connie. I am so sorry to read the latest about your dear mom. I would be freaking out about my hair as well. Once is quite enough. I have no advice about that particular drug but I pray that is does it's job. Please keep us posted on how she is doing.


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As far as the hair goes some people it will not and others it will but lets hope the cancer falls out first. I did the topo and it was designed for a female type cancer so I would always joke that everytime I passed a walmart I had the urge to go in and get a pair of panty hose. Kidding aside the topo is a funny type drug. It can knock you for a loop or you will never notice it. I would just try and reasure your mom that it really depends on her outlook and lets hope for the best. Keep plenty of fluids in her. I had no side effects other than being tired.

Good Luck


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Well, mom just had her third round of Topecetan. And so far so good. She feels mostly tired and sick to her stomach. But her WBC is high! And no hair loss yet. She is really strong and seems almost "energized" by the chemo. It's weird, but she is fighting it. I pray we can put it back into remission. She took a chest xray (waiting for results) and in 3 weeks will do another ct scan to see where we are. 6-9 rounds has been ordered, so she might be half way done. She said this drug is MUCH better than Cysplatin and Carboplatin. 100 times better. Thanks for all your prayers.

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Well, just wanted to update everyone on my mom. She just finished her last round of topecatan last week. (for now) She has had almost 20 treatments and the latest scan showed no marked improvement. But it hasn't grown either. Just stayed the same. Her hair is starting to thin again and she is very depressed. We are confused as to why the chemo isn't working. And she continues to smoke. So we don't know what to do or say to her. She is becoming very weak as well (gaining weight, fell down 4 times last week, losing her balance). I think the doc wants her to take a break over the holidays, but doesn't say what the plan is.

I guess this is our journey with this disease. I hope you all are well and are having a nice holiday season. Any ideas or suggestions or experiences are welcome. Thanks.


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