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An unexpected shot of grief


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We have an online family scrapbook that I had not updated in a while. I went there today to upload some updated pics of the kids. Decided to browse the guesbook we have and got a shock thru my heart when I saw an entry from Frank Lamb!

How had I missed it? Or maybe I saw it but I had completely forgotten it was there? Regardless I was completely caught off guard and I just wept.

I miss Frank. If you didn't know him, he was such an imporant part of the website. Read his posts and you will see whar a great guy he was. He was an inspiration and a friend to many.

To me, he was a very special man. He emailed and called me and when I wanted to quit or run and hide, his encouragement carried me back. He was my rock. He told me more than once I was his "adopted" daughter.

He called and sfnt flowers when my mom suddenly passed away.

Two weeks later, he asked to speak to me. He told me he loved me.

He told me how proud my parents must be.

He told me he'd tell my parents "hello" for me.

He died the next day.

But he wasn't done. He had asked his wife to make sure to call me a few weeks later to make sure I was ok. Can u believe that?

Frank was one of a kind for sure.

I'm really missing him tonight.

Thank you for letting me grieve him here.

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Your post brought tears and very fond memories of the wonderful person that Frank Lamb was. He gave so much of himself to all of us. He kept us laughing with the jokes. He was always ready to celebrate at the "pub" with a Bud Lite and a doughnut. Most of all, I will never forget his personal messages to Mike and I. Just as we were getting into rough waters with Mike's fight, here comes Frank's note telling us how many times the doctors had given up on him, but he refused to give up on himself.. it paid off. He was just such a wonderful man. His wife posted here for a while. If she is reading this post, I would like to let her know that I've kept her in my thoughts and prayers. Her Frank was a wonderful guy.


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He always emailed me and gave me encouragement. I do often think about him.

He was the one who turned me & Joel on to cyberknife.

What a wonderful soul he was. I miss him so much.


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Like others, my eyes filled with tears remembering our dear friend, Frank. What a very special person he was. So many times, when I was feeling down and posted a message proving so, he would send me a PM to offer some words to cheer me up. You know, we've lost so many good friends since I've been a member of this board and we sometimes need to talk about them and share with others just what they meant to us. I know Frank has turned everyone in Heaven on to lite beer and chocolate covered donuts!!!

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OK i get to Missing Dean Carl and I did not even know him. I can sit and read some of his stuff all night!!!

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I'm all of a sudden in the mood for a chocolate donut (I'll pass on the Bud lite though... I'm working my way up to that combination, I have a weak stomach). Frank was an amazing person. I miss his humor and world's best worst jokes.

For some reason this week has been incredibly hard and grief filled for me too. It sometimes comes out of nowhere and no reason. This isn't a milestone date or anniversary of anything. I'm just really missing my Keith and crying a new flood of tears every day. I don't think I've cried this much since the first months without him. But I'm not only thinking of my Keith, and missing our love this week. I don't know why I've felt compelled to do it, but I've been going back this week and reading all the old posts by some of the most beautiful and amazing people that I've ever had the grace and blessings to know. My heart is aching this week for the loss of such pure souls as Becky G, Bart Ziggy (Greg), Darrell Barnes, Addie, Fay.


If you can hear me God.... ENOUGH! We've had enough of this crap and are ready for it to end. Have mercy Lord, bring us a cure!!! I Beg of you!!! ENOUGH!

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I remember Frank like it was yesterday. I remember him for the contest between the Ladies and Men. Can anyone remember who won the contest at the end of the month? It was usually a tie. Frank would always say, "if it made someone laugh, it was worth telling." I remember his story of being in hospital and watching the next room through the window. He could see a couple of teenagers in there. Anyone else remember that? I don't think Frank ever read a joke that was not funny. He is missed by many.

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