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Another Way to Help This Site.


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In the discussions on how to help this site grow and spread the word about lung cancer and the things needed to be done to save lives KatieB said something about starting an online store and selling things like greeting cards and such. Well, I'd been looking for a way to do something for the efforts being put out here and that suggestion caused the ol' lightbulb to go off over my head. You see, one of my hobbies for the last few years has been art. In my case computer generated art. So I said to myself, "self, why not see if Katie can use your art for the cards?". So I contacted her with some examples and she liked what she saw and wants to use them. Neat.

But ...

She also came up with the idea that maybe there are other folks here who might want to contribute some type of artwork for this project. And I think that's a GREAT idea. When I worked in the mental health field here in San Diego they'd have a "showing" every year of artwork done by mental health patients. It was a HUGE success and brought a lot of attention to the plight of the menaly ill and showed these folks in a very positive light. Maybe something like this can do the same for us.

So, if you like to draw, doodle, paint, or whatever let me know here if you'd be interested in contributing a few works. Since we're talking greeting cards here anything from line art to classical to humorous could be used. You don't have to be a professional artist by any means (have you SEEN some of the art on greeting cards? :)) Lord knows I'M not! What I'd like to see is a number of different styles that would represent the vast diversity of folks who have this illness.

Right now I'm just putting out the idea. If there's enough interest we'll get the whole thing co-ordinated. So let me know!

Here's a couple of examples of what I do.

http://www.3dcommune.com/3d/galview.mv? ... ndex=1&nd=

http://www.3dcommune.com/3d/galview.mv? ... ndex=1&nd=


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I can't draw either but the logo sounds like a great idea. I remember when I used the term cancer victim. I was reminded that we are cancer wariors. How about a warior in armour fighting a beast with cancer printed on the beast. Then too maybe something like Daniel in the lions den. Some way to show the battle and that progress is being made. Maybe show how THE BEAST is waiting to recieve the final blow. Just a few thoughts. Now if someone can draw them and see how they go over in print.

Maybe we can have a contest with people adding their pictures or ideas and vote to see witch one to use. I'm sure there are a lot more ideas to consider it is definately worth the effort. Lillian

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